patent-infringement lawsuit

OpenAI Sued For Unauthorised Use Of Journalist Content, Again

Three US online news outlets sue OpenAI, alleging the AI pioneer used thousands of their articles to train its chatbots

4 months ago

Caltech Agrees To Halt Patent Fight With Apple, Broadcom – Report

End of seven year patent battle by California Institute of Technology against Apple and its supplier Broadcom over Wi-Fi chips

8 months ago

Apple Loses London Appeal Over Optis 4G Patent

Apple appeal dismissed in London Appeals courtroom, in its legal battle with Texas-based Optis Cellular Technology

12 months ago

IBM Sues LzLabs Over Mainframe Patents

Over a decade since the Neon lawsuit, Big Blue sues LzLabs, alleging the Swiss mainframe migration firm infringed its mainframe…

2 years ago

Samsung Barred From Importing Smartphones Into Russia

Russian court bans Samsung Electronics from importing and selling 61 models of smartphones in Russia over IP lawsuit concerning Samsung…

3 years ago

Apple Hit With $1.4bn Lawsuit From Chinese AI Firm

Long running dispute. Xiao-i alleges in a Chinese court that Apple's voice-recognition tech in Siri infringes on its artificial intelligence…

4 years ago

Apple Accused Of Stealing Health Tech For Apple Watch

Lawsuit alleges Apple stole technology for use in its Apple Watch and poached key members of staff from Masimo and…

4 years ago

Sonos Slaps Google With Patent Lawsuit Over Smart Speakers

Speaker maker Sonos alleges Google stole its technology, and it now seeks a sales ban on all Google speakers, phones…

4 years ago

Intel Sues Fortress Investment Over Patent Lawsuits

Lawsuit from chip giant Intel, alleges that investment company is a semiconductor patent troll

5 years ago

TSMC Hits GlobalFoundries With Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Dust up between chipmakers turns into full scale brawl after TSMC files counter lawsuit against Globalfoundries

5 years ago

US Supreme Court Seeks Trump’s Input On Oracle’s Android Lawsuit

Trump administration views on Oracle's Android lawsuit against Google sought by Supreme Court

5 years ago

Qualcomm Raises Bond To Halt iPhone Sales In Germany

Apple ordered to remove iPhone 7 and 8 models from sale in Germany after Qualcomm court ruling

5 years ago

IBM Demands $167m From Groupon In Patent Lawsuit

Big Blue alleges Groupon uses its patent technology and refuses to negotiate licensing deal

6 years ago

Samsung Loses Again, Ordered To Pay Apple In Patent Retrial

US jury awards Apple $539 million after deciding Samsung did copy patented smartphone features

6 years ago

Native American Tribe Sues Microsoft For Patent Violation

Are 'patent trolls' now exploiting sovereign immunity for native Americans with latest lawsuits?

7 years ago

BlackBerry Hits Nokia With Patent Violation Lawsuit

Where is the love? BlackBerry's departure from smartphone arena sees lawsuit against one time rival Nokia

7 years ago

Nokia Sues Apple For Smartphone Patent Violations

Round two of smartphone wars, after Nokia hits back at Apple with multiple lawsuits for patent violations

7 years ago

Oracle Claims Google Has Destroyed Java Market

Oracle claims Google has destroyed the market for Java and expands its complaint against Android

9 years ago

Judge Orders Oracle, Google Mediation For Android Lawsuit

Never-ending lawsuit. Oracle's Android lawsuit against Google likely to enter sixth year US judge warns

9 years ago

Oracle And SAP Settle Bitter Software Piracy Lawsuit

The bad blood between bitter rivals Oracle and SAP may ease slightly after the settlement of a lengthy lawsuit

10 years ago

Apple, Samsung Back In Court For Patent Damages Case

Apple and Samsung head back to court for a new trial to determine the amount of damages Apple is owed

11 years ago

Microsoft Sued Over PhoneFactor Authentication

Microsoft and its PhoneFactor unit have been hit with a patent-infringement lawsuit from a little-known company

11 years ago

Samsung Suffers UK Patent Battle Loss To Apple

Samsung loses tussle at UK High Court

11 years ago

Nokia Aids Apple Push For Samsung Smartphone Ban

Apple has gained support from an unlikely source in its ongoing drive to ban Samsung smartphones

11 years ago

Google Finally Hits Back And Countersues BT

Google has finally responded to BT, which sued it in 2011

11 years ago

Apple Defeated Over Samsung Damages Increase

A request by Apple for an increase in the damages owed by Samsung has been firmly rejected by a US…

11 years ago

Apple Suffers ‘Pinch-to-Zoom’ Patent Setback

Apple has suffered a noteworthy setback after the US Patent Office invalidated its "pinch-to-zoom" patent

11 years ago

Samsung And Apple Return To Courtroom Battle

Samsung and Apple have returned to a California courtroom, as Samsung seeks to overturn its £655m patent fine

12 years ago

Ericsson Asks ITC For Samsung Ban In US

Ericsson's patent battle continues after it asked the ITC to ban Samsung devices from entering America

12 years ago

Nokia Wins Wi-Fi Patent Ruling Against RIM

Nokia has won a ruling over Wi-Fi patents which could see RIM forced to stop selling BlackBerry handsets

12 years ago