Biden Administration Orders All Federal Agencies To Patch Systems

US President Joe Biden and CISA gives all US federal agencies six months to patch hundreds of known cybersecurity flaws…

1 month ago

Microsoft Issues Emergency Patch For PrintNightmare Flaw

Emergency patch issued for “PrintNightmare” vulnerability that could allow hackers to remotely seize control of a PC via Print Spooler

5 months ago

SolarWinds Issues Fix After Massive Hacking Campaign

SolarWinds says two security updates protect against 'Sunburst' attacks as well as more recently discovered 'Supernova' malware

11 months ago

Patch Tuesday Fixes Zero-Day Flaw, As Windows 7 Cut Off Looms

Only one more Patch Tuesday update for Windows 7 users in January 2020, as Microsoft delivers its final security update…

2 years ago

Samsung Patches Fingerprint Flaw With Galaxy S10

Update to fix problems with Samsung's fingerprint recognition feature as phone giant urges users to apply patch

2 years ago

Samsung Acknowledges Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Flaw

A software patch will be by Samsung issued to stop any fingerprint unlocking the Galaxy S10 smartphone fitted with a…

2 years ago

Cisco Patches Critical Flaw That Allowed Root Access To Guest OS

Critical flaw in Cisco IOS software could allow hackers to access the Guest Operating System as root user

2 years ago

Apple Patch Reopens Security Vulnerability

OS update for iPhone should not be installed as it reopens security flaw that was previously patched

2 years ago

Bluekeep: NSA Warns Windows Users To Update And Upgrade

Cyber attack risk if you don't patch or upgrade to newer operating systems, warns American spy agency

3 years ago

All Docker Versions Vulnerable To Unpatched Flaw – Report

All versions of Docker are vulnerable to serious flaw, but a patch is being reviewed

3 years ago

Most WhatsApp Users Have Still Not Patched

WhatsApp's vulnerability still not patched by most people Wandera warns, as Telegram boss attack the platform

3 years ago

Microsoft Issues Critical Update For Windows XP

Bad sign? Five years after support for XP ended, Microsoft issues patch for Windows XP and Windows 2003

3 years ago

Most IT Bosses Hold Off Critical Patches To Keep Business Operational – Study

Patchy patching. Tanium's study reveals the scale of security compromises made by IT departnments, just to keep businesses running

3 years ago

Android Phone Makers ‘Forget’ Google Security Updates – Report

Porky pies? Research claims that Android phone makers are telling users phones have been updated, when it hasn't

4 years ago

Intel Ships Revised Spectre Patches

Chip giant rolls out revised Spectre patches, after initial fix proved worse than the bug it was supposed to repair

4 years ago

Adobe: Unpatched Flash Bug Has Been Used In Attacks Since November

The latest security issue with Flash Player has been exploited by North Korean attackers in targeted hacks since late last…

4 years ago

Intel Confirms Newer Chips Impacted By Spectre, Meltdown Patches

Chip giant admits patches will cause reboot problems for newer chips and clarifies likely performance impact

4 years ago

Oracle Issues Patches For Spectre & Meltdown Flaws

More patching for system administrators as Oracle releases 237 fixes to counter Spectre, Meltdown flaws

4 years ago

Patch Tuesday: Microsoft’s 53 Vulnerabilities Surpassed By Adobe Fixes

No zero-day vulnerabilities this month, but still a moderate number of patches from Microsoft

4 years ago

Apple Patches KRACK WiFi Vulnerability in iOS and macOS

Two weeks after a major WiFi security vulnerability was publicly disclosed and patched by other vendors, Apple provides its mobile…

4 years ago

NHS Lanarkshire Blames Missing Patch For WannaCry Impact

Oops. Health board in Scotland admits WannaCry ransomware attack was down to vital patch not being rolled out

4 years ago

Adobe Patches Flash Bug Used To Install Spyware

The zero-day Flash flaw patched by Adobe's emergency fix has been observed attempting to install the notorious FinSpy surveillance tool

4 years ago

Google Pushes Out Flaw Fixing Android Security Patch

The patch notably fixes a flaw in code relating to a Broadcom Wi-Fi exploit

4 years ago

Virgin Media Plugs Security Flaw In A Brace Of Its Wireless Routers

Hackers could have exploited the flaw to gain administrative access to affected home hubs

4 years ago

Oracle Releases Huge Security Update

Staggering 299 patches released spanning database, middleware, Peoplesoft and JD Edwards software

5 years ago

Google Pushes Out Android Security Patch To Crush Critical Flaws

Google continues to fight new flaws found in its Android mobile operating system

5 years ago

Cisco Rolls Out ‘Dubious’ Fix For WebEx Vulnerability

Cisco was quick to issue a patch for the security hole, but is it good enough?

5 years ago

Google Issues Supplemental Android Patch For Dirty COW Linux Security Hole

Latest security bulletin from Google's Android looks to help plug the Linux hole

5 years ago

Microsoft Blames Russia For Exploiting Google-Exposed Windows Flaw

Microsoft says Russian hackers behind exploit of unpatched Windows flaw, revealed by Google

5 years ago

Adobe Rushes Out Emergency Patch For Flash

A vulnerability in Flash is being actively exploited, prompting Adobe to issue an emergency patch

5 years ago