password theft

Malicious Online Ad Campaign Steals User Logins

'Magnat' malicious advertising campaign uncovered by Cisco Talos has been stealing login credentials and other data since at least 2018

6 months ago

Tesco Warns 600,000 Clubcard Holders Of Fraud

Supermarket is issuing new cards to 600,000 Clubcard account holders after discovering some accounts had been compromised

2 years ago

President Trump’s Top Security Advisers Have Had Their Passwords Hacked

Several key members of Trump's cabinet have found themselves caught up in the spate of recent mass data breaches

5 years ago

Deliveroo Customer Accounts Are ‘Compromised’

Customer accounts hacked but Deliveroo denies breach of its systems and urges customers to improve their passwords

5 years ago

InstaAgent Removed From iTunes, Google Play For Data Theft

Top ranking Instagram client removed from iTunes and Google Play after user data theft discovery

7 years ago

LinkedIn Settles Password Theft Lawsuit

LinkedIn pays nearly £1m to settle legal fight after security breach compromised 6.5 million user passwords

7 years ago

Verizon Touts QR Code Login As Password Replacement

The end of passwords and usernames for authentication? Quite possibly, at least according to Verizon

8 years ago

Password Reuse Risk After LivingSocial Breach

Security experts are warning users about the dangers of password reuse after the LivingSocial database breach

9 years ago

RSA 2012: RSA Launches Protection Against “Smash And Grab” Password Theft

RSA looks to innovate in password security, but gets put down by one of its former employees

10 years ago

LinkedIn: Password Breach Cost Us As Much As $1m

LinkedIn's password breach costs the firm a lot, but company claims damage was not significant

10 years ago

Nvidia Forums Shut After Password Theft Exposes 400,000

Graphics giant Nvidia closes two stores and three other sites as hackers expose user details

10 years ago