password security

Microsoft Looks Beyond Password Protection For Accounts

Future is 'passwordless' says Microsoft, as it gives users option to delete account passwords and login via authenticator app

2 months ago

World’s Worse Passwords Revealed By NordPass

Oh dear, Despite persistent cyber threats, research from NordPass reveals the most commonly used password is still '123456'

1 year ago

World Password Day: Is The Password Still Fit For Purpose?

The password has become a significant source of security breaches and user friction. On World Password Day, have we arrived…

2 years ago

Equifax Used Default ‘Admin’ Password, Lawsuit Alleges

Lawsuit alleges Equifax failed to take the most basic security precautions that resulted in highly damaging breach in 2017

2 years ago

Facebook Stored Millions Of Passwords Unprotected

Oh dear. 600 million passwords stored in plain text with no encryption, social network admits

3 years ago

Hackers Lovin’ It As McDonald’s Site Vulnerable To Phishing Attack

Shoddy password practices leave the door open for hackers to take away customer details

5 years ago