New EU Regulation Makes Roaming Cheaper

A vote in Brussels will drastically bring down roaming charges

10 years ago

European Parliament To Vote On Roaming Charges

Roaming costs look set be capped in Europe thanks to an activist campaign

10 years ago

British MPs To Receive Taxpayer-Funded iPads

It has been confirmed that all MPs will be equipped with iPads, paid for by the British taxpayer, in order…

10 years ago

MPs Threaten New Laws If Google Won’t Censor Searches

Cross-party committee tells government to consider legislation if Google does not develop filtering technology to preserve privacy

10 years ago

Parliament Plans Major ICT Upgrade

The Houses of Parliament are to get a new wired and wireless communications system worth more than £3m

11 years ago

NAO Gives Cautious Approval To Government ICT Progress

National Audit Office delivers its six-monthly report to parliament

11 years ago

Government Enlists Business Support For Cyber-Sec

The government has published plans to prevent cyber attacks and crime while protecting growth

11 years ago

The US SOPA Is Our DEA In Cowboy Boots

Britain has had two years of legal debate about the online copyright isssue, says Peter Judge. Why has the US…

11 years ago

The Twitterati Have Done The Media Barons’ Bidding

The exposure of Ryan Giggs on Twitter trivialises questions of protection and sweeps aside objections to media intrusion, says Peter…

11 years ago

MPs Debate Rural Broadband And 4G Licences

The government says 4G technologies could play a crucial role in extending broadband provision to rural areas

11 years ago

MPs Allowed Twitter And iPads In The Commons

Hand-held devices and tweeting will be allowed, but no tweet-driven debates in Parliament, says committee

11 years ago

EC Sues The UK Over Phorm Privacy Failure

BT’s secret trials of a behavioural advertising technology have landed the UK government in hot water with the European Commission

12 years ago