EU May Ease State-Aid Rules To Help Fund New Chip Factories

European Union may relax its strict state-aid rules, in an effort to increase funding for construction of new chip factories…

2 weeks ago

Nintendo Lowers Sales Forecast On Chip Supply Issues

Nintendo lowers full-year sales forecast for Switch gaming console as it becomes latest company hit by disruption in semiconductor industry

3 weeks ago

Connected Business: The Post-COVID Supply Chain

With supply chains being massively disrupted as the pandemic took hold, what does a post-pandemic supply chain look like? How…

2 months ago

Amazon Offers Free College Education To Frontline Staff

Amazon offers to pre-pay full college tuition and fees for more than 750,000 frontline staff as it seeks to lure…

3 months ago

Google Delays Office Return Until 10 January 2022

Search engine giant Google, joins Amazon, Facebook and Apple in delaying staff return to offices and campuses, citing Coronavirus 'uncertainity'

3 months ago

Diversity and Inclusion in Tech

A lack of diversity and inclusion has been a significant issue for many industries. However, tech enterprises are showing the…

3 months ago

Man Admits Arson After Destroying 5G Mast

Conspiracy theorist David Patterson caused between £100,000 to £150,000 of damages when he set fire to a 5G mobile mast…

3 months ago

Facebook Delays Office Return Until January 2022

Latest tech firm to delay office return. Social networking giant tells US and other staff, to return to office in…

4 months ago

YouTube Suspends Rand Paul Over Facemask Claims

Another social platform has banned yet another US Republican politician over false claims about facemask effectiveness during pandemic

4 months ago

NHS Covid-19 App Updated To Ease ‘Pingdemic’

As expected, government eases sensitivity of its NHS Covid-19 app in effort to reduce 'pingdemic' causing worker shortages

4 months ago

Facebook To Require All US Office Staff To Wear Masks

In addition to requiring staff be vaccinated, Facebook will also order all employees to wear masks when in office or…

4 months ago

Google, Facebook To Require Covid Vaccinations For Office Return

Employees looking to return to work in the offices of Facebook and Google will be required to be vaccinated

4 months ago

Amazon To Halt Covid Testing For US Workers

Too soon? E-commerce giant Amazon has confirmed it is to end testing for Coronavirus for warehouse workers at the end…

4 months ago

Microsoft Gives Staff $1,500 Coronavirus Bonus

Thank you all. Employees at Microsoft around the world to get $1,500 bonus for their efforts during the global Coronavirus…

5 months ago

Composable: The Future of IT Infrastructure?

With composable infrastructure, IT can provision on-premises infrastructure just as quickly and painlessly as public cloud resources can be acquired…

6 months ago

Facebook Lifts Ban On ‘Man-Made Covid-19’ Posts

Posts about Coronavirus coming from Wuhan lab will no longer be labelled as 'fake news', as President Biden orders origin…

6 months ago

NHS Covid-19 App Saved Up To 8,700 Lives, Says Research Paper

NHS contact tracing app used in England and Wales during Coronavirus pandemic saved thousands of lives, research suggests

7 months ago

BT Half Price Fibre Broadband For Low Income Households

More than four million households on Universal Credit could benefit after BT confirms at-cost social tariff for fibre broadband

7 months ago

US Labour Officials Find Amazon Illegally Fired Internal Critics

US labour officials find Amazon illegally retaliated against two staff who led protests over company's environmental and pandemic safety practices

8 months ago

British Airways To Add Covid-19 ‘Passport’ To Travel App

British Airways trials in-house system for verifying passenger vaccine certificates and Covid-19 tests, with plans to add the features to…

9 months ago

Apple Reaps Benefit From Soaring Pandemic Sales

Firm finishes 2020 with its most profitable ever quarter, thanks to soaring pandemic sales of iPhones, iPads and Macbooks

10 months ago

Apple Removes App Promoting Parties During Pandemic

American app Vybe Together has been removed from the Apple app store, after it allegedly promoted parties during Coronavirus pandemic

11 months ago

Apple Closes Los Angeles Stores As Covid Cases Spike

Apple closes at least a dozen stores in Los Angeles area as cases surge in California and Los Angeles County…

11 months ago

Ofcom Urges Telecoms Provider Aid For Vulnerable Households

Ofcom tells providers to 'do more' for homes hit by economic turmoil, as coronavirus lockdown lays bare people's dependence on…

12 months ago

Microsoft Criticised For ‘Workplace Surveillance’ Feature

Microsoft 365 Productivity Score feature, introduced last month, criticised for analysing 'extensive data' on individual employees' activities

1 year ago

Pandemic To Redefine Security Landscape Next Year, Researchers Say

Covid-19 likely to have widespread effects on security priorities, as companies shift to remote working and hackers focus on sensitive…

1 year ago

European Commission Warns Of Rising Pandemic Scam Risk

European Commission tells internet media and e-commerce companies to prepare for increase in Covid-19-related scams and disinformation as cases rise

1 year ago

Google Sees Swift Ad Recovery After Pandemic Lows

Google sees sharp comeback in ad revenues on both search and YouTube as advertisers renew spending after pandemic slump earlier…

1 year ago

French Covid-19 App Crashes After Relaunch

French users of the relaunched TousAntiCovid contact tracing app report technical problems, amidst surging cases and government-imposed curfews

1 year ago

Zoom Introduces Paid Events, In-Meeting Apps

Zoom aims to capitalise on its massively increased user base with platform for paid events and third-party apps offering in-meeting…

1 year ago