Open Source

GitHub’s Latest Atom Beta Gets In-Editor Review Comments

The popular text editor now allows developers to manage pull request review comments without leaving the program

7 months ago

Google Partners For Open Source Tech On Cloud Platform

Google announces 'strategic partnerships' with seven open source companies, as CEO questions rivals' attitudes

7 months ago

Toyota Offers Free Access To Hybrid Car Tech

Hybrid car pioneer Toyota offers free access to technology patents, as move to full electric vehicles continues

8 months ago

Microsoft Claims Speed Edge With Open Source Python Type Checker

Microsoft's Pyright runs independently of Python, intended to give it a performance boost over rivals such as Mypy – but…

8 months ago

Mozilla Releases Free File Transfer Service, Firefox Send

Mozilla gives ability for users to send encrypted files up to 2.5Gb in size with launch of Firefox Send

8 months ago

Amazon Web Services’ DocumentDB Takes Aims At MongoDB Workloads

Amazon's new managed non-relational database service raises questions about the future of open source in the cloud era

10 months ago

JavaScript Code Compromises Bitcoin Wallets

Popular JavaScript library injected with malicious code to steal coins from cryptocurrency wallet

12 months ago

Study Finds Lukewarm Corporate Engagement With Open Source

Companies expect developers to use open source tools at work, but few make substantial contributions in return

1 year ago

IBM Spends $34bn To Secure Open Source Giant Red Hat

Big Blue's biggest acquisition sees it acquire open source cloud giant to expand subscription-based software

1 year ago

GitHub Introduces ‘Revolutionary’ Automation Features

Developers will now be able to automate workflow processes by running actions directly on the site — as well as…

1 year ago