Mobile Gaming Pioneer Gordon Hall Dies At 51

Gordon Hall was founder of video game studio Rockstar Leeds and developer of some of the top-rated games in the…

9 months ago

Computing Legend Douglas Engelbart Dies Aged 88

The inventor of the mouse passed away peacefully at his house in California

8 years ago

Citrix Co-Founder Ed Iacobucci Dies At 59

Entrepreneur and computing hero to be remembered in Florida today

8 years ago

Dennis Ritchie, Creator Of C And Unix, Dies Aged 70

Dennis Ritchie, creator of the C language and Unix, has died after a long illness, aged 70

10 years ago

Jobs’ Huge Impact On Mobility And Technology

Apple's Steve Jobs may have gone but his impact on technology and mobility will be felt for years to come

10 years ago

Steve Jobs: The Search For The Insanely Great Idea

Cancer has taken a true visionary away from us; we won't forget his lesson: to keep dreaming, imagining and innovating,…

10 years ago

Steve Jobs, IT’s Great Innovator, Dies At 56

Apple's co-founder, innovator and entrepreneur dies after a long struggle with cancer

10 years ago

Co-Developer Of Packet Switching Dies At 84

Paul Baran, whose ideas partly formed the basis for the packet switching used in the Internet, has died

11 years ago

Ken Olsen, DEC’s Founder, Dies Aged 84

Ken Olsen, outspoken founder of Digital Equipment, launched the minicomputer age

11 years ago

Sir Maurice Wilkes, The Father Of Computing, Dies

Eclipsed in renown by Alan Turing, Sir Maurice Wikes laid much of the foundations of computer science

11 years ago