FCC Blow As Court Rules US States Allowed Own Net Neutrality Laws

Mixed result for FCC sees Court of Appeal uphold its repeal of Obama's Net Neutrality Laws, but US states are…

3 years ago

US ISPs Could Sell User Data If Obama’s Internet Privacy Rules Are Challenged

Strict privacy rules for American ISPs may be overturned after Republican senator resolution

5 years ago

Tech Quiz Of the Week: Obama And Technology

QUIZ: What do you know about outgoing President Barack Obama and his relationship with tech?

5 years ago

‘Russian Malware’ Hits US Electric Company As Tensions Rise

A Vermont electric utility found code connected with the alleged Russian hacking campaign on its network

5 years ago

White House Breach Blamed On Russian Hackers

The White House network breach was carried out by hackers “likely working” for the Russian government

7 years ago

US Navy Cybersecurity Chief Michael Rogers To Be New Head Of NSA

Vice-Admiral Michael Rogers nominated by President Obama to take NSA role

8 years ago

US ‘Investigating Military Officer Over Stuxnet Leaks’

US has never admitted to making Stuxnet, but is still investigating those who leaked information on the malware

9 years ago

President Obama Signs Cyber-Security Executive Order

Analysts have welcomed Obama's signing of an executive order to protect critical infrastructure from cyber attack

9 years ago

Obama Victory Tweet Breaks Record

A Tweet by the campaign staff of US president Barack Obama became the most-retweeted Twitter post in history, surpassing a…

10 years ago

Survey: IT Professionals Back Obama

President Obama still has the support of professionals in the IT industry, according to a new survey, but this has…

10 years ago

Obama Releases Bill Of Rights Proposal For Online Privacy

A US privacy bill proposed by President Obama will give Web surfers access to their data and an online tracking…

10 years ago

SOPA Is Gone But The US Internet Dictatorship Is The Real Problem

SOPA may have gone but there are still laws and policies which impose US standards on the rest of the…

10 years ago

US Debt Debate Prompts IT Spending Warning

Forrester is warning of a possible IT spending slowdown due to the ongoing US deficit debate

11 years ago

Anonymous Attacks Monsanto, Steals Employee Data

Anonymous releases information stolen from Monsanto as the US Senate addresses cyber-security issues

11 years ago

Secret Service Investigates Fake Obama Twitter Post

The Secret Service is looking for the hackers who used a Fox News Twitter Account for the Obama death Tweet

11 years ago

US Plans Investment In Building Secure Smart Grid

The White House announced a smart grid proposal, as a PwC report underscored threats facing utility firms

11 years ago

White House Publishes Cyber Security Plans

Obama administration sets out how to protect critical infrastructure, and calls for a data breach notification law

11 years ago

Obama Talks Jobs After Wining And Dining IT Leaders

President Obama pushed for job creation and eduction after a dinner date with IT industry leaders

11 years ago

US Government Calls For Identity Ecosystem

The Obama administration has outlined plans for a private sector-led identity system intended to reduce fraud

11 years ago

FCC Sparks New US Net Neutrality Row

The FCC's proposed "rules" for an open Internet have re-ignited an ideological firestorm over intervention

12 years ago

Big Brother Fears As Obama Seeks Internet Wiretap Law

The Obama administration is reportedly working on legislation that will make it easier for the United States to 'wiretap the…

12 years ago

Cameron Pleads With Obama Over McKinnon Extradition

President Obama will "follow the law" despite pleas from David Cameron over the extradition of hacker Gary McKinnon

12 years ago