NSO Used Real Location Data Of People In Demo, Researchers Allege

In a demonstration of its Covid-19 contact-tracing system earlier this year, researchers allege NSO Group used real people's location data

3 months ago

NSO Group Spyware Used To ‘Hack’ Al Jazeera Journalists

Apple iPhones belonging to 36 Al Jazeera journalists were hacked by NSO spyware, claim Canadian security researchers at Citizen Lab

4 months ago

WhatsApp Alleges NSO Was ‘Deeply Involved’ In Hack – Report

Facebook unit files new court documents alleging NSO was 'deeply involved' in mobile phone hack of 1,400 WhatsApp users, including…

12 months ago

Facebook Ordered To Unlock NSO Staffer Account

WhatsApp hack development. Israeli court orders Facebook to unblock a personal account belonging to an employee at NSO Group

1 year ago

WhatsApp Sues NSO For ‘Advanced’ Surveillance Hack Claim

Facebook division files lawsuit against NSO Group, because of alleged surveillance tool exploit

1 year ago

WhatsApp Discovers ‘Advanced’ Surveillance Hacks

The company urges its 1.5 billion users to update after finding devices were tapped using a vulnerability in the software

2 years ago