UK Government Launches First Ever Cyber Security Strategy

Cyber Security Strategy officially launched for the UK, to protect online digital services and British businesses from cyber attacks

5 months ago

Industry Reaction To Government’s National Cyber Strategy

Government's national cyber strategy has been welcomed as a positive step by experts within cyber security industry. Silicon UK gathers…

7 months ago

More Arrests In Ongoing Campaign Against REvil Hacking Gang

Two more arrested by police in Romania, as global crackdown against Russia's Sodinokibi/REvil ransomware hackers continues

8 months ago

Iran’s Natanz Cyberattack Blamed On Israel

Second Stuxnet? Iran's Natanz nuclear facility suffered another cyberattack at the weekend, with the finger once again pointed at Israel

1 year ago

UK Top Cyber Target For Russian Hackers

Russia has been conducting a long-running cyber and interference campaign against the UK, and Government is still playing catch up,…

2 years ago

Production At Honda Grinds To Halt After Second Cyber Attack

Work at Honda factories in Japan, the UK, North America, Brazil, India, Turkey and Italy has been suspended after another…

2 years ago

EasyJet Hack: Security Expert Reactions

Beware the phishing scams warn experts, as the hack of easyJet make available more valuable personal information on the dark…

2 years ago

Marriott International Hit By Second Data Breach

Not again. Hotel chain confirms it has suffered a second data breach that affects approximately 5.2 million guests around the…

2 years ago

Virgin Media Data Breach Impacts 900,000 Customers

Privacy gaffe. Personal data of 900,000 Virgin Media customers was left on an unsecured marketing database for ten months, ISP…

2 years ago

MGM Resorts Admits Data Breach Of 10.6 Million Guests

Casino owner MGM has admitted it suffered a data breach in 2019, that included information about celebrities and CEO's of…

2 years ago

Canadian Military Contractor Hit By Ransomware

Ransomware attackers claimed to stolen 60GB of data from Canadian defence contractor after ransomware attack in December 2019

2 years ago

Travelex Facing Ransom Demand After Attack

Ransomware attack has crippled currency seller services, with cyber criminals reportedly demanding a £4.5 million ransom within two days

2 years ago

US Coast Guard Admits Ransomware Took Down Facility

US coast guard confirms “ransomware intrusion” at unnamed facility that took down entire IT network, was caused by phising attack

3 years ago

Indian Confirms Nuclear Power Station Hack

Well that's a tad worrying...India confirms its newest nuclear power plant has suffered cyberattack

3 years ago

US Hospitals Close Doors After Ransomware Attack

Hospitals in the United States and Australia feel the affects of ransomware attacks, which forces admission closure

3 years ago

Most Brits Just Want Reliable, Not Faster Broadband

Broadband speed need? Not really, as Nominet finds most Brits would opt for reliability over speed

3 years ago

Isle of Arran Gets White Space Radio Powered Broadband

Nominet and Broadway Partners plan to extend white space broadband to other parts of Scotland and Wales using unused TV…

6 years ago

Cost Of .UK Domains To Rise By 50 Percent

Nominet announces price hike for British-registered domains

7 years ago

Nominet Officially Launches .Uk Top-Level Domains

Nominet has finally followed through on its promised delivery of shorter .uk domains, with a five-year right of refusal for…

8 years ago

.uk Domains To Hit The Web On 10 June

Shorter, snappier domains mark the first of many new site naming options ahead of further ICANN rollout

8 years ago

Nominet To Finally Introduce Shorter ‘.uk’ Domain In 2014

Businesses will be able to register for .uk domains from next summer

9 years ago

IT Life: Taking A Screwdriver To UK’s Internet

Simon McCalla, CTO at Nominet, likes to take stuff apart

9 years ago

Nominet Not Ready For Shorter “.uk” Country Code Yet

The domain registry can’t find a convenient way to implement UK web addresses without second-level domains

9 years ago

Nominet Takes Legal Action Over ‘Defamation’

Nominet is seeking an injunction to remove content that it says amounts to 'harassment' of the company's chief executive, amidst…

9 years ago

Government Investigates FoI Avoidance Claims

DoB civil servants are being investigated over claims they were using personal email accounts to avoid Freedom of Information Act…

10 years ago

Nominet Opens .UK Top Level Domain Consultation

Nominet promises better security with .uk domain names

10 years ago

ICANN’s Dot-Anything Deadline Due Today

Top-level Internet domain name applications close today

10 years ago

Nominet Announces 10m .uk Registrations

The .uk domain remains massively popular, with solid growth over the last two years

10 years ago

Internet Firms Row Over Criminal Websites

Talks over an official policy on "fraudulent" Website suspensions have stalled

11 years ago

Nominet Raises £3m In Short UK Domain Auction

Single-character domain names were in hot demand at Nominet's .uk auction, selling for an average of £39,000

11 years ago