Nick Clegg

Oversight Board Upholds Trump’s Facebook Suspension

Bad news for Donald. Facebook's 'Supreme Court' upholds suspension of Donald Trump account, but asks FB to review decision in…

9 months ago

Facebook To Invest $1 Billion In News Industry

After the very public row with the Australian government, Facebook confirms it is investing $1 billion in the news industry

11 months ago

Facebook Refers Donald Trump Ban Decision To Oversight Board

Hot potato. Mark Zuckerberg refers his decision to indefinitely suspend Donald Trump over to its independent oversight board

1 year ago

Facebook Hires Former Deputy PM Nick Clegg

Former Liberal leader to move family to California after appointment as Facebook's global affairs and comms

3 years ago

Nick Clegg Launches A Review Of GCHQ Accountability

Deputy Prime Minister says a universally despised intelligence agency cannot protect the country

8 years ago

Nick Clegg Opens Social Enterprise Accelerator Wayra UnLtd

Telefonica launches another start-up accelerator, but will it see any massive successes in London any time soon?

8 years ago

Cameron Calls For Cross-Party Support On Communications Data Controversy

Tories and Labour look set to do battle with the Lib Dems over Snoopers' Charter

9 years ago

Nick Clegg ‘Kills Off Snooper’s Charter’

Over the Liberal Democrats' dead body, says Clegg

9 years ago

Nick Clegg Demands Snooper’s Charter Rethink

Communications Data Bill should be completely rethought, Nick Clegg and Justice Committee argue

9 years ago

Lib Dems To Withdraw Support For ‘Snoopers Charter’

Nick Clegg is on the verge of withdrawing support for the controversial Communications Data Bill

9 years ago

Carbon Emissions Reports: Clegg’s Gift From Rio

Nick Clegg's introduction of mandatory carbon reporting is not much, but at least something came out of the Rio Summit,…

10 years ago

Mandatory Carbon Emission Reports Boost Green Software

Every firm on the London Stock Exchange must include carbon emissions in its annual report, says Nick Clegg

10 years ago

Nick Clegg Promises Safeguards In Web Surveillance Legislation

Deputy PM says surveillance plans will be open to debate but ensures safeguards over any monitored data

10 years ago

Clegg ‘Can’t Stop’ McKinnon Extradition After All

Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg has said it may be beyond the power of the new UK government to prevent…

12 years ago

Polling Problems Could Lead To e-Voting

Pressure is building to introduce electronic voting in the UK, after some citizens were unable to take part in yesterday's…

12 years ago