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All Four UK Telecoms Operators ‘Working With Huawei’ On 5G

The collaboration could prove risky if government decides to ban Huawei on national security grounds, as requested by the US

3 years ago

Is Your Heartbeat The Future Of Biometric Authentication?

Could using your heartbeat as a password be the future of authentication?

5 years ago

Carbon Black: It’s Time For Next-Gen Endpoint Security

Carbon Black believes now is the time to move on from traditional antivirus (AV) software and embrace the next generation…

5 years ago

Intel 7th Gen Core CPU To Tackle 4K UHD Video

Promises three-fold improvement in graphics for gamers and the power to tackle 4K ultra HD video

6 years ago

EC Seeks Ways To Roll Out Cheaper Broadband

The European Commission opens a public consultation over how to reduce the costs associated with deploying fibre broadband

10 years ago

New Standard Takes The Pain Out Of Wi-Fi Hotspots

Future hotspots will take the strain, moving users easily from mobile to Wi-Fi networks

10 years ago

Next-Gen Chip Technology On Show At March Event

IBM, Samsung and GlobalFoundries will showcase next-generation chips at the Common Platform Technology Forum in March

10 years ago