News Corporation

Google Signs News Corp To ‘News Showcase’ Scheme

International media group that includes newspapers such as the Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Sun, sign three year deal…

3 months ago

Google Hits Back After News Corp Rant

Google hits back at News Corp after its boss lambasted Google and labelled it a 'platform for piracy'

7 years ago

NewsCorp Denies Hacking ONdigital Smartcards

Rupert Murdoch’s company says NDS was fighting piracy, not facilitating it

9 years ago

News Corporation ‘Hacked’ Sky Rival’s Smart Cards

The latest NewsCorp scandal finally involves some real hacking

9 years ago

News Corp Sells Ailing MySpace To Justin Timberlake

News Corp has confirmed the sale of struggling social network MySpace to Specific Media and Justin Timberlake

10 years ago