New York Times

US Newspapers Hit By Cyber-Attack

Printing and distribution of major US newspapers disrupted at the weekend after cyber-attack

3 years ago

New York Times Downed By Syrian Electronic Army

The website of the New York Times has been taken offline in the latest Syrian Electronic Army attack

9 years ago

New York Times Hackers Back With Smarter Malware

Hackers, thought to be Chinese, return with updated infrastructure as they try to avoid detection

9 years ago

Chinese Cyber Espionage Unit Starts Re-Hacking US Organisations

Unit 61398, allegedly sponsored by the PLA, is back at it again

9 years ago

Wall Street Journal: Chinese Hackers Hit Us Too

Another of America's biggest media organisations claims it was infiltrated by Chinese hackers

9 years ago

New York Times Hit By ‘Chinese Hackers’

NYT says it was able to link attacks back to China, but there remain problems with attribution

9 years ago

Report Paints Unflattering Picture Of Microsoft Cloud

A New York Times article has highlighted the real-world impact of the data centres powering Microsoft's cloud services

10 years ago