Sky Launches Streaming Television Unit, Sky Glass

Look mum, no satellite dish. Sky launches streaming television that doesn't require a satellite dish or even a set-top box

2 months ago

Apple Eases App Store Rules For Spotify, Netflix etc

Fresh concession from Apple for “reader” apps, but Netflix says it doesn't go far enough and Spotify CEO says Apple…

3 months ago

YouTube Trials Cheaper Premium Lite Option

Not that much cheaper. Google's YouTube is trialing a more affordable premium subscription tier that doesn't display adverts

4 months ago

Tech Giants Paid $96 Billion Less Tax Than Stated, Campaigners Allege

Amazon has disputed calculations by the Fair Tax Foundation as “extremely misleading”, after report targets 'Silicon Six'

6 months ago

Amazon Buys James Bond Studio MGM For $8.5bn

Significant development in the streaming war, as Amazon purchases veteran film studio MGM for $8.45 billion

6 months ago

Amazon Posts Record Results, As Prime Video Catches Netflix

E-commerce and cloud services giant Amazon is another pandemic winner, after it posted record profits and revenues thanks to strong…

7 months ago

Netflix Tests Crackdown On Password Sharing

Tightening up of account sharing as Netflix confirms test of account passwords, to ensure people are authorised to use account

9 months ago

Coronvirus: Netflix Cuts Traffic To India

Streaming giant says it will reduce traffic to India by 25 percent as India declares total lockdown due to Coronavirus…

2 years ago

Coronavirus: Facebook Joins Netflix, YouTube In Streaming Downgrade

Facebook confirms it will downgrade video streaming quality on its platform and on Instagram in Europe, until bandwidth concerns ease

2 years ago

Coronavirus: Netflix, YouTube Lower Streaming Quality To Ease Network Strain

Streaming platforms respond to requests to halt high-definition streaming, with confirmation that Europe will see reduction in video quality

2 years ago

Coronavirus: Netflix Urged To Stream Low Definition To Ease Network Strain

European Union Commissioner has urged Netflix and other streaming platforms to stop delivering content in high definition

2 years ago

Italy To Implement Digital Tax From January 2020

Country pushes ahead with 3 percent levy on internet transactions as digital tax negotiations continue on Europe-wide and global level

2 years ago

Apple Takes On Media Giants, Banks In Services Push

The Apple TV+ streaming service focuses on original content, while Apple also launches paid gaming and news services – and…

3 years ago

New Fibre Breaks Petabit-Per-Second Data Barrier

The fibre, developed in Australia and Japan, is slightly narrower than standard fibre-optic cable but has 12 times the capacity

3 years ago

Online Giants, Small Businesses Criticise US Net Neutrality Repeal

The planned removal of a 2015 US law could mean more charges for large businesses and start-ups, not to mention…

4 years ago

Hackers Steal, Release New Netflix ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Episodes

ANALYSIS: Attackers leak new season of the Netflix show "Orange Is the New Black," exposing a weakness in the distributed…

5 years ago

Netflix’s Open Source Cybersecurity Tool Hopes To Empower Employees

Netflix says it wants to treat workers like people and educate them rather than restrict them on cybersecurity issues

5 years ago

Malware Poses As Fake Netflix App To Spy On Users And Steal Data

The malware is able to take screen captures, view contacts and read SMS messages

5 years ago

Netflix Phishing Scam Targets Credit Card Data

Unsuspecting users are directed to fake Netflix login pages and tricked into handing over personal details

5 years ago

Greenpeace Praises Apple, Google & Facebook But Slams Netflix, Amazon On Renewables

Apple retains top spot as Greenpeace puts pressure on technology firms to boost green energy commitments

5 years ago

What We Learned When We Chilled With Netflix’s Top Innovator

4K HDR, algorithms, a rocketing user base, and virtual reality – what’s Netflix up to in 2016?

6 years ago

Netflix Completes Eight-Year Cloud Migration And Shuts Down Last Data Centre

Netflix started the move to AWS in 2008 after a database corruption trashed its DVD-as-a-Service platform

6 years ago

Chicago Introduces ‘Cloud Tax’ For Streaming And Cloud Storage Services

Consumers to be hit with 9 percent price hike as Chicago Department of Finance's new legislation affects Netflix, Spotify

6 years ago

Is Netflix Actually Going To Ban VPN Users?

Netflix has the power to ban users but evidence from company and VPN providers suggests it wont

7 years ago

Netflix Denies Change To VPN Policies

Netflix denies caving into pressure from Hollywood and TV studios over geographic licensing issues

7 years ago

Netflix ‘Blocking’ VPNs, Proxies And Other Location Hiding Technology

Netflix is reportedly responding to requests from the TV and movie industries to clamp down

7 years ago

Have You Got What It Takes To Be A Super CIO?

Zahl Limbuwala, CEO of data centre predictive analytics company Romonet, explains what companies will expect from IT managers if they…

7 years ago

Netflix’s ‘Laissez-Faire’ IT Embraces Cloud And Open Source

Netflix lets employees use what ever they want, open sources its internal applications and wants to be cloud-only by the…

7 years ago

Amazon To Launch Cheap Video Service To Rival Netflix

Amazon is reportedly planning to launch an ad-supported video service early next year that will be cheaper than Netflix

7 years ago

Number Of Cloud Consumers Predicted To Reach 3.8 Billion By 2018

Researchers claim movie, music and storage services will explode in popularity, but challenges must be overcome

8 years ago