Net Neturality

California Can Enforce Its Own Strict Net Neutrality Law

Open Internet Victory? Ruling from US federal judge rejects attempt by US broadband providers to block California's tough net neutrality…

4 months ago

FCC Head Ajit Pai Stepping Down, Raises Net Neutrality Hopes

What now for US net neutrality, as Trump appointee Ajit Pai, announces he will step down from FCC when Joe…

7 months ago

California On Collision Course With FCC Over Net Neutrality

The most populous US state heads for net neutrality clash with American communication regulator

3 years ago

US Senate Votes To Halt FCC’s Net Neutrality Decision

But will anyone care? Pointless vote will be defeated by the House of Representatives and the US President

3 years ago

FCC Sets 11 June Deadline For Repeal Of Net Neutrality Rules

Formal repeal of Obama's rules for open Internet will take place next month, despite upcoming US Senate vote

3 years ago

San Francisco Appeals Court To Hear Net Neutrality Challenge

Appeals court in San Francisco selected to hear legal challenges to FCC's decision to reverse net neutrality

3 years ago

Vodafone, Three Face Ofcom ‘Throttling’ Investigation

The UK regulator has launched an inquiry into the 'traffic management practices' of Vodafone and Three amidst an ongoing debate…

3 years ago

Net Neutrality: FCC Chairman Pai Pulls Out Of CES 2018

FCC chairman cancels CES show appearance after overturning net neutrality rules, due to reported death threats

3 years ago

Trump Clarifies US Government Rules For Cyber Security Flaw Disclosures

New rules governing how US agencies disclose cyber security flaws, as the FCC readies net neutrality reversal

4 years ago

Botnets Target FCC Website Over Net Neutrality, Researchers Say

Researchers claim bots are spamming US regulator website over net neutrality rule change proposal

4 years ago

FCC Website ‘Attacked’ After John Oliver Net Neutrality Call To Arms

US regulator claims website attack, hours after British comedian urges people to protest against rule change

4 years ago

Sir Tim Berners-Lee Slams UK, US ‘Assault’ On Web Privacy

British web inventor pledges to combat efforts by the UK and US to weaken encryption and online privacy

4 years ago

Mozilla Wants To ‘Humanise’ Net Neutrality Issues With £200,000 Innovation Prize

Mozilla is seeking ideas to help promote web access and ensure the principles of net neutrality are enshrined by making…

5 years ago

Europe Urges Removal Of Network-Level Ad Blockers

European body cites net neutrality concerns with new guidance that networks cannot implement advert blockers

5 years ago

Facebook Free Basics Suspended In Egypt

More trouble for Zuckerberg's free internet access scheme as Egypt joins India in suspending it

5 years ago

Facebook’s Criticised In Open Letter

Open letter accuses Mark Zuckerberg of creating a walled garden with the initative

6 years ago

White House Leaves FTC To Decide Net Neutrality Laws

The FTC will decide how the Internet is governed after the White House said it already had the required powers

6 years ago

Facebook Touts Free Internet For Colombians

Facebook continues push with app that offers free Web access to people in Colombia

6 years ago

Doubts Raised Over Global Internet Governance Body

Is the NetMundial Initiative, which seeks to create a world governing body for the Internet, in trouble?

7 years ago

The Internet Association Promotes Net Neutrality In FCC Filing

Association of tech giants including Google and Facebook turns the screw on FCC over net neutrality rules, plans a publicity…

7 years ago

European Parliament Backs Net Neutrality And An End To EU Roaming

Connected Continent package faces one more hurdle before it can become law, but European roaming is set to end by…

7 years ago

Netflix CEO Slams US ISPs Over Net Neutrality

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says it reluctantly pays US ISPs for interconnection fees, but argues providers shouldn't be allowed to…

7 years ago