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Coronavirus: US Senators Advised To Avoid Using Zoom – Report

US Senate reportedly becomes the latest organisation to advise members not to use Zoom, over privacy and security concerns

19 hours ago

Coronavirus: Russia Postpones Sovereign Internet Test

Official government test of Internet that is cut off from rest of the world cancelled by Russia, amid the global…

3 weeks ago

Boris Johnson Defeats MP Rebellion Over Hauwei Decision

Parliamentary rebellion from a number of Tory MPs over Government decision to allow Huawei limited role in 5G networks has…

4 weeks ago

US Senators Urge UK To Reconsider Huawei Decision

Bipartisan group of US senators urge the United Kingdom to reconsider decision to allow Huawei limited access for 5G networks

1 month ago

US Considers Blocking Chip Shipments To Huawei – Report

Taiwan's TSMC could be ordered to halt shipments of silicon chips to Huawei under potential new US restrictions

2 months ago

Swiss Encryption Firm Crypto AG At Centre Of Spying Allegation

Was a Swiss cryptography company acting as a front for America's CIA during the cold war, in order to eavesdrop…

2 months ago

US Mulls Controlling Stake In Ericsson, Nokia To Counter Huawei

US Attorney General William Barr suggests the US and its allies take 'controlling stakes' in Ericsson, Nokia as a counter…

2 months ago

US Meeting To Review Fresh Huawei, China Restrictions – Report

High level Trump administration officials to meet later this month to discuss further restrictions on tech exports to China and…

2 months ago

Europe To Allow Member States To Make Own Huawei 5G Decision

More bad news for the United States, as European Union follows Britain's lead in resisting US pressure to ban Chinese…

2 months ago

British Government Approves Huawei For Limited 5G Role

United Kingdom shrugs off persistent US pressure and allows Huawei a restricted 5G role after designating it a “high risk…

2 months ago