nation state attacks

West Risks Direct Military Clash Over Cyberattacks, Says Russia

Pot kettle black. Russia's Foreign Ministry says cyber attacks against its infrastructure risks leading to direct military confrontation

4 weeks ago

US Conducts Offensive Cyber Operations To Support Ukraine

American General confirms US military hackers have conducted 'a series of operations' in support of Ukraine, as it battles Russia's…

1 month ago

UK Can Legally Launch Cyberattacks Against Hostile Nations, Says AG

Chief legal advisor to government says UK can legally launch cyberattacks against hostile nations, and calls for international “rules of…

2 months ago

UK, Australia Reach Cyber, Critical Tech Agreement

Australia says it will 'fight back' against nation state cyberattacks, after agreements with the UK over cyber, technology, and other…

6 months ago

Iran Blames Nation State For Cyberattack on Petrol Stations

Petrol distribution network in Iran has reportedly been paralysed after a cyberattack, which some officials have alleged came from a…

8 months ago

US Offers $10m Reward For Information On Foreign Hackers

Grass on a hacker. US offers $10 million reward for hackers conducting malicious cyber activities against critical infrastructure

12 months ago

FSB Head Says Russia Will Help US Locate Hackers

No place to hide? Head of FSB security agency has reportedly said Russia will work with the United States to…

1 year ago

Queen’s Speech: Government Targets Skills, Advanced Research, Online Safety

Government unveils ambitious raft of changes including a lifetime skills guarantee, an advanced research agency, online safety, and many more

1 year ago

Microsoft Blames China For Mail Server Hack

State-sponsored hacking group Hafnium, operating out of mainland China, responsible for Microsoft mail server hack, firms announce

1 year ago

Microsoft Finds Malicious Code In Its Systems After SolarWinds Compromise

Fallout from the significant SolarWinds attack by suspected Russian hackers continues, with Microsoft admitting it has been impacted

2 years ago

US Treasury, Commerce Departments Hacked

Russian hackers allegedly spied on US government departments, as US issues emergency order to halt use of compromised system

2 years ago

US Security Firm FireEye Hacked By ‘Nation-State’ Attacker

Security firm admits company tools used to test customers' security have been stolen by a "highly sophisticated threat actor"

2 years ago

Focus On Cyber Defence Rather Than Cyber Attack – Former NCSC Head

'Don't weaponise the net'. Former head of UK's NCSC urges governments to focus on cyber defence than cyber offensive capabilities

2 years ago

NCSC Report Reveals Scale Of Coronavirus Cyber Threats

British online defender outlines what cyber threats it has encountered over past year, with Covid-19 featuring prominently

2 years ago

Microsoft President Warns Of Cyberattack ‘Onslaught’

Brad Smith tells attendees at security event that democracies at risk from cyber onslaught from the likes of Russia, China,…

2 years ago

Coronavirus: UK, US Warn Hackers Are Exploiting Pandemic

Cybersecurity officials in the UK and US are warning that state-backed hackers and criminals are taking advantage of the Coronavirus…

2 years ago

UK Readies ‘National Cyber Force’ To Tackle Terrorists, Hostile Nations

Specialist 'National Cyber Force' for the United Kingdom to be launched in the spring to tackle hostile nation states and…

2 years ago

Georgia Suffers Huge Cyberattack

Thousands of websites in Georgia have been hacked and defaced with pictures of the former President

3 years ago

NCSC Points To National Security Threats From Russia, China

Russia, China, Iran and North Korea pose 'strategic national security threats to the UK', boss of NCSC warns

3 years ago

EU Warns Of State-Sponsored Attacks On 5G Networks

European Union warns of 5G risk, particularly of a 'supplier being subject to interference from a non-EU country'

3 years ago

Iran Conducted Cyber Attacks On UK Infrastructure – Report

Cyber attacks that targetted UK infrastructure in December were conducted by Iran, says media report

3 years ago

Russian Hackers Hitting European Democratic Institutions, Warns Microsoft

Russian hacker group Fancy Bear behind attacks on Germany, Poland, Romania and Serbia

3 years ago

Australian Politicians Hacked By ‘Sophisticated State Actor’

Cyber whodunnit after Prime Minister warns of 'nation state hack' of Australian political parties and parliament

3 years ago

Cathay Pacific Admits Hack Went On For Months

Airline admits it was under sophisticated attack for months, and took six months to inform the world

4 years ago

Singapore Health Hack Carried Out By State-linked Group

Government says hack of Singapore health records has the hallmarks of a state-linked group

4 years ago

UK’s Offensive Cyber Warfare Ability ‘More Than Doubles’

GCHQ has "over-achieved" in building up its offensive cyber-capabilities, official report finds

5 years ago

Putin: ‘Russian Patriots’, Not Government, Responsible For Foreign Election Cyber Attacks

Vladimir Putin goes on the defensive as fallout from US election continues

5 years ago

Verizon: All Cyber Attacks ‘On The Rise’ As Cyberespionage Takes Centre Stage

Verizon's 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report paints a bleak picture of the current state of cyber security

5 years ago

MPs: Foreign Governments ‘Interfered’ With Brexit Vote

Evidence suggests a DDoS attack was used to take down the voting registration site before the landmark vote

5 years ago

NATO Outlines €3 Billion Plan To Combat Cyber Threats

The investment will go towards improving satellite communications and cyber security technology

5 years ago