IBM Researchers Store Data At Atomic Level On The World’s Smallest Magnet

Nanotechnology and quantum tunneling look to be the future of data storage

5 years ago

‘Ageing Population’ Causing Health Nanotechnology Boom

Increased governmental support and higher R&D spending will also help medical nanotech reach $8.5bn by 2019

7 years ago

StoreDot Bio Battery Ready For Smartphones In 2016

The bio-organic battery from StoreDot that can be fully charged in just 26 seconds, could be available on the market…

7 years ago

Canon To Buy US Nanotech Chip Firm

Purchase of Molecular Imprint’s semiconductor business allows Canon to push for nanoscale manufacturing processes in semiconductors

8 years ago

IBM Sets 100-Microsecond Quantum Computing Record

With quantum bits that last long enough to do actual work, IBM hopes extremely fast computers are on their way

10 years ago

Nanoscale Wiring Technology May Open Doors To Quantum Computing

New microscopic wires could help microchips to keep shrinking and have applications in quantum computing

10 years ago

IBM Uses Graphene Nano-Chips For Wireless Devices

Minute graphene-based integrated circuits for wireless devices offer better performance for much lower prices

11 years ago

Quantum Tunnelling Touchscreens Touted For Tablets

Yorkshire-based Peratech can now make tablet-sized touchscreens like a quantum jam sandwich

11 years ago

IBM Nanotech Breakthrough For Atomic Computing

Atomic-level computing comes a step closer as IBM scientists learn to measure how long information can stay in an individual…

12 years ago