Tales In Tech History: Myspace

Facebook's last serious challenger Myspace is still going, although much diminished from its heyday in 2007

4 years ago

Tech Quiz: Obscure & Obsolete Social Networks

What do you remember at Friends Reunited, Bebo, Myspace and the like?

4 years ago

Account Recovery Flaw Leaves Myspace Data Open To Hackers

Someone tell Tom! Myspace is a "graveyard of personal data" that anyone can access

4 years ago

Yahoo, LinkedIn, Apple iCloud: 10 Big Data Breaches

Data breaches from hack attacks continue to get bigger and bolder but which of these do you remember?

5 years ago

Tumblr Data Breach ‘Affects 65 Million Users’

Recently discovered data leaks suggest bad security practices may have effects that aren't discovered until years later

5 years ago

Millions Of MySpace Account Details ‘Leaked Online’

More than 360 million MySpace accounts are the latest to go up for sale on the dark web

5 years ago

Facebook “To Lose 80 Percent of Users By 2017”

Research from Princeton University compares Facebook to an ‘infectious disease” and predicts we will all recover

8 years ago

Google Social Search Hit By ‘Don’t Be Evil’ Tool

Google continues to be being taken to task by Facebook, Twitter and MySpace over its personalised search

10 years ago

News Corp Sells Ailing MySpace To Justin Timberlake

News Corp has confirmed the sale of struggling social network MySpace to Specific Media and Justin Timberlake

10 years ago

MySpace Sale Rumoured To Go Through This Week

The sale of MySpace by its owner News Corp could be imminent, according to reports in the US media

10 years ago

Bidders Gather For Sale Of Ailing MySpace

News Corp hopes to raise $100 million from the sale of MySpace, a property it paid $580 million for six…

10 years ago