Firefox To Halt Browser Pop-Ups

Early next year Firefox 72 will attempt to cut down on annoying pop-ups in the web browser

2 weeks ago

Mozilla Says No Plans To Make DoH Default For UK Firefox Users

Firefox users in US will get DoH privacy protection by default, but UK users will have to manually switch it…

2 months ago

Google Follows Firefox Lead With Chrome DoH Test

Google confirms it will test DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) in Chrome 78, days after Mozilla makes Firefox announcement

2 months ago

Mozilla, Google, Apple To Block Kazakhstan Surveillance

Tech giants take action against Kazakh government attempt to spy on all surfing and browsing in that country

3 months ago

Mozilla’s Famous Fox Fades For Firefox

A bit less fox. Famous fox logo has become a bit more ethereal, as Mozilla completes logo redesign

5 months ago

Mozilla Readies Firefox Premium – Report

Free version will remain unchanged, but premium browser could offer cloud storage and VPN capabilities

5 months ago

Mozilla Strengthens Privacy With Firefox Lockwise Password Manager

Open source community also bolsters Firefox security with tracking protection set to default

6 months ago

Mozilla Rolls Out Emergency Fix After Firefox Disables Add-Ons En Masse

A certificate used to validate extensions expired at midnight on Friday, causing most add-ons to immediately stop working

7 months ago

Former Mozilla CTO Ordered To Unlock Devices At US Border

Apple staffer and American citizen Andreas Gal detained by US border agents after refusing to unlock devices

8 months ago

Mozilla Looks To Reduce Push Notification Spam

The browser conducts experiments as it looks for ways to stop irksome push notification requests from bombarding Firefox users

8 months ago