Mozilla Firefox

Firefox 90 Improves Tracking Blocking For Private Browsing

Latest web browser from Mozilla Foundation further improves private browsing thanks to version 2 of the SmartBlock feature

5 months ago

Microsoft Edge Overtakes Firefox On Desktops

Worrying development for Mozilla Foundation, as user numbers of the Firefox browser on desktop shrinks, allowing Microsoft Edge to overtake…

8 months ago

Mozilla Pressures FCC To Restore Net Neutrality Rules

Tech firms led by Mozilla publish open letter to the FCC, urging US regulator to urgently reinstate net neutrality rules…

8 months ago

Mozilla To Axe Quarter Of Its Workforce

Jobs losses. 250 jobs to be axed at Firefox creator Mozilla, with Coronavirus being blamed for “significant restructuring”

1 year ago

Mozilla Turns On DoH By Default For US Firefox Users

Mozilla Foundation has turned on its privacy feature called DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) for American users of the Firefox browser

2 years ago

Mozilla Removes Avast, AVG Extensions From Firefox Store

Add-ons from security vendor Avast pulled from Firefox online store, after they are accused of spying on user's web surfing…

2 years ago

Firefox To Halt Browser Pop-Ups

Early next year Firefox 72 will attempt to cut down on annoying pop-ups in the web browser

2 years ago

Mozilla Says No Plans To Make DoH Default For UK Firefox Users

Firefox users in US will get DoH privacy protection by default, but UK users will have to manually switch it…

2 years ago

Firefox 69 Blocks Tracking Cookies, Crypto-mining

No more cryptominers or third party tracking cookies, Mozilla promises with new Firefox release

2 years ago

Firefox Users Urged To Update Browser

Mozilla advisory urges update after discovery of zero-day vulnerability being exploited in the wild

2 years ago

Mozilla’s Famous Fox Fades For Firefox

A bit less fox. Famous fox logo has become a bit more ethereal, as Mozilla completes logo redesign

2 years ago

Mozilla Readies Firefox Premium – Report

Free version will remain unchanged, but premium browser could offer cloud storage and VPN capabilities

2 years ago

Mozilla Strengthens Privacy With Firefox Lockwise Password Manager

Open source community also bolsters Firefox security with tracking protection set to default

2 years ago

Firefox 66 Seeks To Reduce Web’s Most Annoying Features

Hate video or audio clips automatically playing content in a web page? Firefox 66 aims to sooth online annoyances

3 years ago

Mozilla Releases Free File Transfer Service, Firefox Send

Mozilla gives ability for users to send encrypted files up to 2.5Gb in size with launch of Firefox Send

3 years ago

Mozilla To Block Firefox Ad-Tracking By Default

Firefox tightens its ad-tracking block credentials, for better privacy and to improve page loading speeds

3 years ago

Mozilla To Redesign Famous Firefox Logo

'We need your input' - Mozilla asks for feedback as it plots redesign of famous Firefox logo

3 years ago

Firefox To Include ‘Have I Been Pwned’ Alerts

Breach notifications to be included for Firefox users to alert them if their data is compromised in a data breach

3 years ago

RAM Boosts And Multiple Processes Make Mozilla Firefox 54 Faster Than Ever

Firefox 54 delivers speedier browsing thanks to minimal RAM utilisation, and better multi-tab management

4 years ago

Web Of Trust Browser Add-On Withdrawn By Mozilla After Privacy Violation

Investigation by German TV channel reveals add-on firm sells its user's browsing history and violated their privacy

5 years ago

Mozilla Disables Battery Tracking API To Tighten Firefox Privacy

Firefox cuts off support for API that allows websites to detect user battery levels over tracking fears

5 years ago

Mozilla Firefox will Block Flash Content To Save Battery And Boost Security

Curtains for Flash? Next month Firefox will block certain Flash content deemed “not essential to the user experience”

5 years ago

Firefox 44 Arrives With Push Notifications

New browser allows websites to deliver push notifications, even if the site not loaded

6 years ago

Firefox 42 Brings Private Browsing, Halts Online Trackers

Latest Firefox provides web surfers with a more private browsing experience with Tracking Protection

6 years ago

Firefox To Finally Ditch Ancient NPAPI Plug-ins – Except Flash

Remember Netscape? Mozilla says NPAPI web plug-ins are to be removed from the Firefox browser

6 years ago

Mozilla Blames Bugzilla Hack For Firefox Attack

Bug reporting system compromised by hackers and used to attack on Firefox users, Mozilla admits

6 years ago

Firefox 38 Arrives With DRM Support

Lesser of two evils? Mozilla admits DRM is not a desirable market solution, but bundles it anyway

7 years ago

Mozilla Appoints Chris Beard As Permanent CEO

Mozilla resolves its leadership troubles as interim CEO Chris Beard is appointed permanent chief exec

7 years ago

Firefox 30 Adds Security Fixes And Developer Features

Mozilla's latest web browser steps into the ring to trade punches with Chrome and Internet Explorer

7 years ago

Firefox 29 Beta Offers New Look Australis Interface

Firefox 29 beta boasts the most significant Firefox user interface change in three years, codenamed Australis

8 years ago