Moore’s Law

ARM Touts Performance Per Watt As New ‘Moore’s Law’

Traditional Moore's Law is no longer relevant in today world's, argues ARM, and says 'performance per watt' is the better…

1 year ago

Why IBM’s Shrinking Transistors Look Like A Breakthrough For All Of IT

ANALYSIS: Timing of IBM's 5nm breakthrough-which means faster, smaller and lower-power processors-couldn't be better, thanks to arrival of IoT

5 years ago

Intel To Build 10nm Mobile Chips For ARM

The chip-making rivals have reached a deal that will help Intel grow its foundry business while giving ARM another top…

6 years ago

Intel Insists Moore’s Law Is Safe As CEO Krzanich Outlines Post PC Strategy

Moore's Law will continue says Intel boss Brian Krzanich, as he outlines post PC strategy going forward

6 years ago

Moore’s Law Worry As Intel Changes Chip Upgrade Strategy

Chip giant quietly retires its 'tick-tock' processor development plans as limit to Moore's Law approaches

6 years ago

Intel Gives Us A Gaze Into The Connected Future

Connected homes, smart TVs, and drones that fly themselves all form part of Intel’s future view

7 years ago

DARPA Seeks Moore’s Law Extension

The US defence agency DARPA is proposing an initiative to tackle the Achilles Heel of today's computing technology

11 years ago

Venray Touts Combined CPU/DRAM Chip For Heavy-Duty Applications

A US company emerging from stealth mode says combining CPU cores and DRAM on a single piece of silicon brings…

11 years ago

IBM Researchers Store Bit Of Information On Just 12 Atoms

Researchers claim 'remarkable advance' in data storage

11 years ago

Cambridge Scientists Reveal Quantum Computing Breakthrough

Researchers have generated a quantum fluid thousands of times larger than usual that acts as a superconductor

11 years ago

Nanoscale Wiring Technology May Open Doors To Quantum Computing

New microscopic wires could help microchips to keep shrinking and have applications in quantum computing

11 years ago

Intel Says 3D Chips Will Be In Phones This Year

Intel's Tri-Gate 3D technology will cut power and boost performance of devices using 22-nm Ivy Bridge chips

11 years ago