Dutch Report Flagged Huawei Monitoring Of KPN Concerns – Report

Report ten years ago from Capgemini reportedly warned that Huawei may be able to monitor calls made by KPN's 6.5…

8 months ago

Cisco Acquires ThousandEyes For Network Monitoring

Networking giant Cisco Systems opens its cheque book to acquire well estalished network intelligence software provider ThousandEyes

2 years ago

Google Docs Problem Raises Privacy Concerns, Again

Problems with locked Google Docs files raises privacy concerns due to its monitoring of private files

4 years ago

Hackers Can ‘Crack’ Your PIN By Exploiting Smartphone Sensor Data

By monitoring sensor data, criminals web pages and malicious apps could potentially guess PINs to a surprising degree of accuracy

5 years ago

Dropbox Securitybot Hopes To Combat Alert Fatigue

Securitybot sends a Slack message to employees if unusual or potentially malicious activity is detected

5 years ago

IT Life: John McLeod, AlienVault CISO

John McLeod, Chief Information Security Officer at AlienVault, talks about his IT career and the biggest challenges he's facing today

5 years ago

Bett 2017: The EdTech News From Day One

A selection of the news announcements we've heard from the UK's biggest education technology expo

5 years ago

Fury Over NSA Interception Of Verizon Customer Communications

US spy agency, the NSA, is conducting mass surveillance of American citizens' telephone communications thanks to a secret court order

9 years ago

US Government Security Contracts Trigger Industry Interest

Security companies are battling to secure up to £3.9bn worth of contracts from the American government

9 years ago

Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Gets Application Performance Monitoring

Ipswitch takes its monitoring to the application level

9 years ago

Microsoft Buys MetricsHub For Azure Cloud Monitoring

Azure customers now have a free cloud monitoring tool after Microsoft acquired MetricsHub

9 years ago

Carrier IQ – Part Of The Solution, Not Part Of The Problem

Carriers have been slammed for monitoring on device usage,. J Gerry Purdy says this is necessary to give users a…

10 years ago

Salesforce Adds Social Marketing To User Options

Salesforce's Social Marketing Cloud uses its Radian6 assets to track and improve company profiles

10 years ago

Bocada Launches VM Backup Monitoring Package

Bocada Vision addresses issues of VM recoverability by providing insight into backup success and recovery points

10 years ago

Rackspace Adds Critical Sites Support For Enterprises

Mission critical Web applications can be supported and monitored 24x7 under Rackspace's latest service

10 years ago

Cyber-Attacks Show Need For Strong Data Security

Protecting the data where it lives is better than relying on perimeter defences alone

11 years ago

Beijing Uses Geolocation To Monitor ‘Traffic’

Mobile phone data may help Beijing's traffic flow but location information could be used for other purposes

11 years ago

IBM Predicts Holographic Phones, Air-driven Batteries

IBM predicts holographic phones by 2015, batteries charged by air, cities heated by servers, and more

11 years ago