Motorola Bets On Modular Future With Moto Z2 Force

Motorola will try and succeed where the likes of LG have failed

5 years ago

Facebook And Ikea Fans Make Flatpack Data Centres

Ikea inspired Facebook's next data centre in Sweden, but Peter Judge says these are not the first flatpack racks

8 years ago

CES 2014: Razer Touts Modular PCs With Project Christine

Razer's Project Christine offers a modular design to allow for the easy building or upgrading of PCs

9 years ago

Verne Global Expands Iceland Data Centre With More Colt Modules

More Colt modules will expand Verne's renewable-powered data centre in Keflavik

9 years ago

Start-Up Introduces Power-Efficient Data Centre Modules

Truly Modular from Compass Datacenters aims to be a power-efficient, disaster-resistant data centre where you want it

10 years ago

Data Centre Module Switches To DC To Cut Power

The data centre module from ABB and IO uses DC power throughout and claims to significantly reduce power and equipment…

10 years ago

Iceland’s Thor Data Centre: In Pictures

Iceland's bid to be a cloud super-power is based on two data centres. We took a trip round the first…

10 years ago

IBM and Tulip Telecom Build Massive, Sustainable Data Centre In India

IBM has helped to create the largest and greenest data centre in India as a modular, stacked design for Tulip…

11 years ago

Thor Icelandic Data Centre Sold To Service Provider

Iceland's Skyrr takes on the Thor containerised data centre and will sell its services worldwide

11 years ago

Physical Infrastructure Still A Power Play In Virtualised Worlds

Virtualisation and cloud computing continue to grow but Panduit’s David Palmer-Stevens stresses the importance of the underpinning physical infrastructure

11 years ago

Modular Data Centres: Nerdy But Cool

Containers got backing this week from Swedish designers and data centre nerds, says Peter Judge. How can they fail?

11 years ago

AWS Uses Low-Density Containers To Cut Cooling

Amazon Web Services says its data centre custom containers are cost-effective, greener building blocks

11 years ago

Modular Data Centres Are Cheaper To Build

The cost of data centre construction can be reduced using Colt's modular data centre design approach

11 years ago

Micro-Modular Data Centres Roll Into Britain

Fully-enclosed racks could roll in to take the place of data centres, says Elliptical Modular Systems

11 years ago