mobility 2015

The Rise Of The ‘Throwaway’ App

Paul Swaddle, CEO, Pocket App, asks why we are so quick to delete apps - and explains how to create…

6 years ago

How Secure Is Apple Pay?

Tony Anscombe, senior security evangelist at AVG Technologies, asks if we're giving up our security for convenience

7 years ago

Why 2015’s Tube Strikes Proved Our Digital Dream Is A Looong Way Off

RES Software partner director, Grace O'Rourke Vietch, looks at why digital workforces have yet to be embraced

7 years ago

Will Railway Mobile Coverage Affect Your Christmas Getaway?

BLOG: Mobile coverage can make journeys seem a lot quicker, but can new data show if it will affect your…

7 years ago

Huawei Expects ‘Superphone’ To Replace Smartphone In 2020

Huawei says superphone will blur the lines between physical and digital worlds

7 years ago

Alcatel-Lucent On Virtualisation At MWC 2015

TechWeekEurope's Steve McCaskill talks to Tim Krause, CMO of Alcatel-Lucent, about the firm's recent developments

7 years ago

Syniverse On Mobile Engagement

TechWeekEurope speaks to Rob Hammond, Senior Director of Enterprise Mobility Services at Syniverse

7 years ago

What Makes Panasonic Stand Out From The Competition?

TechWeekEurope speaks to Panasonic's Jon Tucker at MWC 2015

7 years ago

Truphone’s Founder Explains Why You Need Its SIM Cards

"We give you one SIM which is at home in many countries," says James Tagg, founder and CTO

7 years ago

Adaptivemobile – Mobile Security Systems At MWC 2015

Graeme Coffey from Adaptivemobile explains the purpose of the mobile security company

7 years ago

Dell’s Latest Telecom Solutions At MWC 2015

Franklin Flint from Dell explains the firms growth in its telecom products

7 years ago

Perfectomobile At MWC 2015: Launching Into Europe

Christopher Willis from Perfectomobile talks us through the company's aims

7 years ago

Unify At MWC 2015: In The Midst Of A Transformation

Bill Hurley, CMO at Unify, speaks to TechWeekEurope

7 years ago

Synchronoss At MWC 2015: Working With Operators

Chris Halbard, EVP at Synchronoss, talks to TechWeekEurope at MWC 2015

7 years ago

MWC 2015: NEC And The 2020 Network

NEC's Simon Fletcher talks us through what the future holds at MWC 2015

7 years ago

Tapped Potential: How Pegasystems Helped Heineken Ireland Stay Fresh

Master brewer explains how it harnessed real-time information to power remote workflows

8 years ago