mobile operating system

Apple iOS 15 Update: What Is New?

Apple releases its latest iteration of the iPhone operating system, iOS 15, with a number of noteworthy changes including cross…

4 months ago

South Korea Slaps Google With $177m Fine

Antitrust regulator in South Korea has fined Google $177m for blocking customised versions of the Android operating system

4 months ago

Huawei To Launch Harmony 2.0 Operating System Next Week

Huawei's Android replacement operating system for mobile handsets and devices, Harmony OS 2.0, will be officially launched next week

8 months ago

China Readying Google Antitrust Investigation – Report

Hollow threat? Chinese authorities reportedly preparing antitrust investigation of Google's Android OS, amid trade tensions

1 year ago

Apple iOS 14 ‘Reimagines’ iPhone Experience, But Developers Unhappy

Major update to iPhone user experience begins rolling out to customers on Wednesday, but developers unhappy at short notice

1 year ago

Huawei Readies Harmony OS For 2021 Android Replacement

Second version of Android replacement operating system, Harmony OS, announced by Huawei - with 2021 hinted at general release date…

1 year ago

Android 11 Tightens Privacy Controls, Touts Conversation Management

Conversation management, upgraded media controls, smart device access, privacy permissions, and faster updates are some of the features of Android…

1 year ago

One Billion Android Phones At Hack Risk – Which?

Which? report warns hundreds of millions of Android phones are now at risk because they are no longer receiving security…

2 years ago

Android 10 To Arrive Next Week

Google support staff let slip the release date for Android 10, previously known as Android Q

2 years ago

Google Announces End Of Dessert Names For Android

No more internal codenames like Jellybean, Lollipop or Marshmellow for Android releases, Google confirms

2 years ago

Huawei Says Hongmeng OS Will Not Replace Android

Chinese firm insists that Android will continue as smartphone OS, and that Hongmeng is not a replacement

3 years ago

Huawei Begins To Trademark ‘Hongmeng’ Operating System

Looming lockout from Google's Android forces Chinese firm to trademark its backup operating system

3 years ago

Google Tailors Android 9 Pie To Enhance User Experience

Google's latest version of its mobile operating system includes time limiting options and night-time screen adjustment

3 years ago

Judge Orders Oracle, Google Mediation For Android Lawsuit

Never-ending lawsuit. Oracle's Android lawsuit against Google likely to enter sixth year US judge warns

6 years ago

Google Changes Up Play Store App Rating System

Android developers will not longer be able to self certify the age rating of their apps as part of an…

7 years ago

BlackBerry Furious Over Leaked OS 10.3 Secrets

John Chen fumes after theft of unreleased OS, despite positive feedback from BlackBerry community

8 years ago

HTC Readies Proprietary OS For Chinese Mobile Users

Long term Android supporter HTC is reportedly working with Chinese government on a local mobile OS

8 years ago

Tizen App Contest Tempts With £2.7m Cash Prize

Intel and Samsung announce an App contest for the Tizen mobile OS, with $4 million in prizes on offer

9 years ago

Former HTC Execs Launch UK Smartphone Maker Kazam

Have two British ex-HTC executives jumped from the frying pan into the fire?

9 years ago

Windows Phone To Rival Apple iPhone By 2017

Welcome news for Nokia after analyst predicts Windows Phone will catch up with rival Apple

9 years ago

Windows Phone Snatches Smartphone Third Spot, Says IDC

Android and iOS still dominate the smartphone world, but Microsoft's Windows Phone is gaining

9 years ago

Microsoft Updates Windows Phone 7.8 SDK

Developers for Windows Phone 7.8 have received an updated software development kit from Microsoft

9 years ago

Windows Phone 8 Faces Tough Fight, Warns IDC

Microsoft is facing an uphill battle to win over converts to Windows Phone 8, warns analyst house IDC

9 years ago

Microsoft Launches Android Challenger Windows Phone 8

Microsoft has launched Windows Phone 8 to challenge the domination of Android and Apple iOS

10 years ago

Android, iOS Enjoy Total Domination Of Mobile Ecosystem

Android and iOS now enjoy total domination of the mobile ecosystem, as Symbian languishes at just 6.8 percent

10 years ago

Android Hits 51% Smartphone Use, Says comScore

Worrying news for Microsoft after figures revealed iOS and Android continued to grow their smartphone marketshare

10 years ago

MWC 2012: Huawei Adds Its Backing To Tizen Mobile OS

Android beware, Huawei has added its backing to Tizen just as a beta of the new mobile operating system has…

10 years ago

Mozilla Reportedly Planning Smartphone And App Store Move

Mozilla is reportedly planning a web-based mobile operating system, as well as a Mozilla app store

10 years ago

Nokia Belle Update Available For Download

Nokia Belle is now available for download for Symbian handsets, in what could be the hurrah for the Symbian OS

10 years ago

Samsung To Merge Bada With Tizen

Samsung is reportedly to merge its Bada smartphone operating system with the open source Tizen platform

10 years ago