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UK Huawei Ban: Trump Claims Credit, As Chinese Media Threatens ‘Pain’

More reaction to the decision this week by the United Kingdom to ban Huawei from supplying equipment for British 5G…

2 months ago

UK’s Ban On Huawei 5G – Industry Reaction

Decision by United Kingdom to ban the use of Huawei 5G equipment by 2027 draws immediate reaction from operators and…

2 months ago

Vodafone Warns UK Will Lose 5G Lead If Huawei Kit Is Removed

Operator issues second warning about removal of Huawei kit from UK's mobile networks, and said effort should focus on expanding…

3 months ago

Vodafone Fixes Issue After Voice Outage

Vodafone customers on Tuesday experienced problems making and receiving voice calls, after a mistake was made in blocking spam calls

3 months ago

BT Delays Huawei Removal From Core Network By Two Years

Move to shift all core mobile traffic away from Huawei kit and onto Ericsson equipment will only take place by…

5 months ago

Coronavirus: Vodafone Confirms Mobile Data Traffic Up 50 Percent

World's second largest mobile operator, Vodafone, admits surge in data traffic on its network due to Coronavirus pandemic

6 months ago

Coronavirus: Outage Impacts O2, EE, Vodafone, Three

Mobile networks crash, causing outage for some customers of O2, Vodafone, EE and Three. But it is not down to…

6 months ago

5G Declared Safe By Radiation Watchdog

International radiation experts in Germany declare there is no scientific evidence that 5G technology poses a threat to human health

6 months ago

EE Extends 5G Network In 21 Towns And Cities

Need for speed? 5G network of mobile operator EE is now available in more than 70 large towns and cities…

6 months ago

Mobile Operators Agree Shared Rural Network Deal

After some disagreements along the way, the £1 billion plan to eliminate mobile not-spots in rural areas, is agreed by…

6 months ago

Vodafone To Remove Huawei From Core European Networks

Removing Huawei kit from core European networks will cost 200 million euros, but Vodafone warns about delays if European governments…

8 months ago

British Government Approves Huawei For Limited 5G Role

United Kingdom shrugs off persistent US pressure and allows Huawei a restricted 5G role after designating it a “high risk…

8 months ago

Germany Delays Huawei 5G Decision

German government delays Huawei 5G decision until 2020, despite pressure from local operators against ban

9 months ago

NATO Calls For Secure 5G, As Trump Warn Of Huawei Security Risk

NATO says it is “committed to ensuring the security of our communications, including 5G”, as US President continues to warn…

10 months ago

Virgin Media To Switch Mobile Customers To Vodafone

Bye bye BT, as Virgin Media drops BT Group in 2021 and switches its mobile customers to Vodafone's networks

11 months ago

O2 Launches 5G Network In Six UK Cities

Network launch sees customers offered unlimited 5G data and no premium for connecting to 5G network

11 months ago

German 5G Rules Do Not Bar Huawei

Good news for Chinese networking giant as German telecom rules for 5G networks do not ban Huawei

11 months ago

Huawei Willing To Licence 5G Tech To US Firm – Ren Zhengfei

Chinese firm is already producing 5G base stations without US parts, as Norway says it will not ban Huawei

12 months ago

UK Decision On Huawei 5G Expected “Pretty Soon” – Defence Minister

But minister warns that China has to follow rules about online behaviour if Huawei is to take part

1 year ago

UK To Make Huawei 5G Decision By The Autumn – Minister

Will they, won't they? The UK will make its official decision on Huawei 5G equipment before the end of the…

1 year ago

O2 To Launch 5G Network In October

Last of the UK's 5G network to arrive in October, but Huawei equipment will not be utilised

1 year ago

Vodafone, O2 Agree 5G Network Site Sharing Deal

Good news for 5G. Equipment and site sharing for 5G network agreed between O2 and Vodafone

1 year ago

Vodafone Expands UK’s 5G Network

5G network expanded into 15 towns and cities in the UK, coupled with 55 locations in Europe

1 year ago

Vodafone Offers Unlimited Data After 5G Switch On

Second 5G network goes live in seven UK cities, with unlimited data plans for businesses and consumers

1 year ago

EE To Launch 5G Network At Month End

Need for speed. EE to switch on 5G services in six UK cities on 30 May

1 year ago

Vodafone & Ericsson Trial 5G In Central London

Successful 5G test independent of 4G networks carried out in central London with Vodafone and others

3 years ago

Three Apologises After Network Goes Down Across The UK

Everything now appears to be up and running following a day of problems for UK users

3 years ago

Brits Miss Out On £5.8 Billion Because They Won’t Switch Mobile Networks

Too much hassle and lack of understanding holds back Brits from switching mobile networks

4 years ago

TIM Leads 4.5G In Italy With 500 Mbps Mobile Download Speeds

Business and retail customers in Rome, Palermo and Sanremo can enjoy the need for speed

4 years ago

BT and Huawei join forces to drive 5G research

The partnership aims to accelerate the development and standardisation of 5G technologies

4 years ago