Mobile data

O2 Denies Reinstating Roaming Charges For Brits In Europe

O2 denies reinstating roaming charges, after adjusting its roaming fair usage data limit already in place for unlimited data customers

11 months ago

Coronavirus: Vodafone Confirms Mobile Data Traffic Up 50 Percent

World's second largest mobile operator, Vodafone, admits surge in data traffic on its network due to Coronavirus pandemic

2 years ago

Three Readies 5G Network For August Launch

Another 5G network set to arrive this year, as Three readies network for 25 cities and towns in the UK

3 years ago

UK 4G Slower Than Most Of Europe At Peak Times

The UK ranked worse than most European countries in maintaining 4G speeds, showing the need for a 5G capacity boost

3 years ago

Landline Usage Continues To Plummet

Use of landlines fallen by 50 percent in past five years as people increasingly use their smartphones

3 years ago

Mobile Data Traffic Will Flood Wi-Fi Networks This Year

Telcos need to be more strategic when it comes to incorporating Wi-Fi into their product offering

5 years ago

Plusnet Mobile Fixes 4G Connection Problem

We'll do you proud...but perhaps not for some mobile users after problems with 4G connectivity

5 years ago

US Police Don’t Need A Warrant To Track Mobile Users

Privacy setback? US appeals court rules police don't need warrant to obtain cell tower records from mobile operators

6 years ago

10 Apps To Help You Get The Most From Your Mobile Data

Want to get the most out of your phone or tablet's data package? Here's our guide to some of the…

6 years ago

Three Suffers Nationwide Mobile Data Outage

Customers across the UK hit by 3G and 4G drop across Three network this morning

7 years ago

Half The World’s Population Still Won’t Be Online In The Next Five Years

By 2019 there will be nine connected devices per UK citizen, Cisco report claims

7 years ago

90 Percent Of The World Will Have A Mobile Phone By 2020, Ericsson Predicts

Ericsson Mobility Report finds no hiding place for technophobes, with 2.7bn mobile phones currently active

8 years ago

UK Terror Police Seize Mass Mobile Data At Border Control

David Anderson QC set to raise concerns about search powers of border police this week

9 years ago

IBM Project Delivers More Efficient Transportation System

IBM researchers have redrawn bus routes of a major African city, using mobile phone call data

9 years ago

London Olympics Presents Mobile Theft Risk, Warns Vendor

A security vendor has warned spectators to keep a close eye on their mobile devices at the London Olympics

10 years ago

Cisco Targets 4G Mobile Networks With ASR 5500

Cisco has unveiled the ASR 5500 appliance to help power the next generation of mobile networks

10 years ago

Nokia Targets Emerging Markets With 110, 112 Handsets

Nokia has introduced the Nokia 110 and 112 handsets targeted firmly at emerging markets, such as India

10 years ago

4G LTE Network From UK Broadband Goes Live In London

This morning, in a London borough, a 4G LTE network was switched on, promising speedy mobile broadband

10 years ago

3UK Tells Vaizey To Veto Weak EU Roaming Cuts

Communications Minister Vaizey is told that under European travellers could pay more for data roaming than the trip itself

10 years ago

Mobile Data Growth Set To Swallow Up 4G Capacity Within Five Years

Current 4G networks could struggle to deal with the huge projected increase in mobile data traffic in the next five…

10 years ago

MWC: Qualcomm and Ericsson Hand Calls From LTE To WCDMA

Qualcomm and Ericsson have achieved a mobile breakthrough after successfully transferring a voice call from LTE to a WCDMA network

10 years ago

Siri Blamed For Apple iPhone 4S Data Greed

The voice-activated personal assistant blamed for dramatic increase in mobile data use

10 years ago

Virgin Media Denies Imminent Femtocell Rollout

Virgin Media has denied it is about to offer its customers femtocells to ease the data burden on mobile networks

10 years ago

EU Attacks Rip-off Roaming Charges

The European Commission has announced a crackdown on 'outrageous' data roaming costs

11 years ago

Yahoo Hits Back At Microsoft WP7 Data Drain Claims

Yahoo has hit back at claims that its email software was to blame for the 'phantom data' issue on WP7…

11 years ago

Ofcom Outlines Mobile Spectrum Trading Plans

Ofcom has published its proposals to allow mobile phone operators to trade valuable radio spectrum

11 years ago

Nokia Siemens Networks To Upgrade O2 Network

Nokia Siemens Networks has been selected to upgrade O2's mobile network in the south of England

11 years ago

Microsoft Passes Blame For Windows Phone 7 ‘Phantom Data’

Windows Phone 7 data bills are bloated by a third party "Phantom Menace", says Microsoft

11 years ago

Microsoft Investigates WP7 ‘Phantom Data’ Reports

Microsoft is checking reports that some Windows Phone 7 handsets are sending 'phantom data'

11 years ago

T-Mobile To Impose 500MB Cap On Data

Mobile operator T-Mobile is cutting data limits in half, and telling customers to stream video at home

11 years ago