Mobile data

Coronavirus: Vodafone Confirms Mobile Data Traffic Up 50 Percent

World's second largest mobile operator, Vodafone, admits surge in data traffic on its network due to Coronavirus pandemic

2 months ago

Three Readies 5G Network For August Launch

Another 5G network set to arrive this year, as Three readies network for 25 cities and towns in the UK

12 months ago

UK 4G Slower Than Most Of Europe At Peak Times

The UK ranked worse than most European countries in maintaining 4G speeds, showing the need for a 5G capacity boost

1 year ago

Landline Usage Continues To Plummet

Use of landlines fallen by 50 percent in past five years as people increasingly use their smartphones

1 year ago

Mobile Data Traffic Will Flood Wi-Fi Networks This Year

Telcos need to be more strategic when it comes to incorporating Wi-Fi into their product offering

3 years ago

Plusnet Mobile Fixes 4G Connection Problem

We'll do you proud...but perhaps not for some mobile users after problems with 4G connectivity

3 years ago

US Police Don’t Need A Warrant To Track Mobile Users

Privacy setback? US appeals court rules police don't need warrant to obtain cell tower records from mobile operators

4 years ago

10 Apps To Help You Get The Most From Your Mobile Data

Want to get the most out of your phone or tablet's data package? Here's our guide to some of the…

4 years ago

Three Suffers Nationwide Mobile Data Outage

Customers across the UK hit by 3G and 4G drop across Three network this morning

5 years ago

Half The World’s Population Still Won’t Be Online In The Next Five Years

By 2019 there will be nine connected devices per UK citizen, Cisco report claims

5 years ago