mobile broadband

The State of Mobile

What is the current state of mobile, and how will this sector develop over the next few years? For businesses,…

1 year ago

Government Awards £41m To Help UK’s 5G Gain An Edge

Six small and medium-sized organisations are to trial next-generation wireless projects in healthcare, tourism, rural productivity and other areas

3 years ago

Plusnet Mobile Fixes 4G Connection Problem

We'll do you proud...but perhaps not for some mobile users after problems with 4G connectivity

4 years ago

UK Digital Divide Drops But Universal Broadband Still Lacking

Good progress has been made in the UK's telecoms and wireless networks in 2016

4 years ago

EE Expands Roaming Options And Introduces Travel Data Pass

EE looks to challenge Three in the European roaming stakes

5 years ago

ITU Allocates 700MHz Band For Mobile Broadband

700MHz spectrum is allocated globally at WRC-15, but will other bands be handed over for mobile broadband?

6 years ago

Vodafone Uses Wi-Fi Spectrum To Boost 4G In LAA Trial

Vodafone believes unlicensed spectrum can improve 4G coverage without disturbing Wi-Fi

6 years ago

WhatsApp Now Lets iPhone Users Access Web Chat

WhatsApp finally lets iOS users use their PC to chat - seven months later

6 years ago

Ofcom: UK 4G Average Of 15.1Mbps Is Twice As Fast As 3G

Ofcom tests 4G and 3G speeds in Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and Manchester, with EE leading the way in speed…

7 years ago

Ofcom Says Any 700MHz Switchover Won’t Harm Freeview

Ofcom investigates possibility of reassigning 700MHz for mobile braodband but says Freeview TV remains too important to be margnialised

7 years ago

Internet To Reach Three Billion Users By Year End

Figures reveal booming demand for the Internet in developing countries, on top of growing mobile broadband usage

7 years ago

Three 4G Progress Has Justified Its Late Launch Says CEO Dave Dyson

Three 4G is example of how operator has always "had to do things differently". says CEO Dave Dyson

7 years ago

EE Cuts 4G Price, Launches Kestrel, The UK’s Cheapest LTE Smartphone

EE reduces cost of consumer and SMB 4G price plans and offers Kestrel for free on pay monthly or £99…

7 years ago

Three Scraps 0800 Charges But Limits Data Tethering To 2GB

Three announces plans to reduce bill shock but unlimited data packages become a little more limited

7 years ago

Facebook Looks To Drone Technology To Connect The World To The Web

Potential purchase of drone specialists Titan Aerospace will allow Facebook to further expand its connectivity project

7 years ago

O2 4G Coverage Expands To 13 UK Cities

O2 says its 4G network now reaches 17 million people in the UK

8 years ago

US Could Follow Europe In Allowing In-Flight Mobile Phone Use

FCC says it is considering in-flight mobile phone use above 3,000 metres

8 years ago

Ofcom Identifies ’25 Times’ More Spectrum For Mobile Broadband

Ofcom wants to release more spectrum for mobile broadband to cope with expected demand

8 years ago

EE Calls For Government Action As 4G Launches In Rural Cumbria

EE CEO Olaf Swantee wants the government to do more to encourage the deployment of 4G in rural areas

8 years ago

EE Offers £8m Petabyte 4G Bundle To Businesses

EE announces range of super bundles for data-intensive businesses

8 years ago

Ed Vaizey Calls Mobile Broadband A “Huge Success Story” For The UK

Minister says mobile has a huge role to play in the future of the country and the government will do…

8 years ago

Vodafone To Meet Ofcom 3G Coverage Target – Six Months Late

Vodafone'plans to upgrade more masts to meet Ofcom's target of 90 percent 3G coverage by the end of 2013

8 years ago

Huawei Pledges £374m Towards 5G Research

Huawei says 5G networks offering speeds of 10Gbps should be ready by 2020

8 years ago

EE Boasts Of 4G Lead As LTE Advanced Launches In London

Olaf Swantee announces 300Mbps LTE Advanced network for Tech City and says the UK is catching up in 4G race

8 years ago

Work Starts On University of Surrey-Led 5G Innovation Centre

Operators, manufacturers and Ofcom back 5G centre, which is due to open in January 2015

8 years ago

EE 4G Coverage Expands To 131 Towns And Cities Ahead Of PAYG Launch

Mobile users in Southport and Hatfield are among those who can now receive 4G

8 years ago

Facebook And Partners Back For Global Internet Access

Mark Zuckerberg announces the project that aims to bring cheaper internet access to the world's developing countries

8 years ago

Google Revises Guidelines For Faster Mobile Access

Developers are issued new guidelines from Google to speed up the loading of web pages on smartphones

8 years ago

EE 4G Arrives In 12 More Towns And Cities

EE 4G coverage extends to 71 locations in the UK

8 years ago

Nokia Siemens, Ericsson Unveil Wi-Fi, Mobile Migration Tools

Two companies have revealed their products to help mobile users when they migrate onto Wi-Fi networks

8 years ago