Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Launches ‘Cloud PC’ Service With Windows 365

True device independence? Microsoft users can now stream their Windows operating system onto an Apple Mac, tablet, or smartphone

5 months ago

Microsoft Issues Emergency Patch For PrintNightmare Flaw

Emergency patch issued for “PrintNightmare” vulnerability that could allow hackers to remotely seize control of a PC via Print Spooler

5 months ago

Windows 10 ‘Sun Valley’ Promises Major Overhaul

OS refresh. Major update to six year old Windows 10 operating system, dubbed Sun Valley, is expected in October/November this…

9 months ago

Chrome OS Overtakes macOS In 2020

Chrome OS is now the second most popular operating system in the world, after it overtook macOS, thanks to Chromebook…

10 months ago

Microsoft Warns Of Coronavirus Impact

Redmond does not expect to meet its guidance for sales of Windows and Surface devices due to the coronavirus outbreak

2 years ago

Major Flaw In Microsoft Windows Revealed By NSA

Microsoft pushes out critical security fix, after tip off from the US National Security Agency about serious flaw in all…

2 years ago

Patch Tuesday Fixes Zero-Day Flaw, As Windows 7 Cut Off Looms

Only one more Patch Tuesday update for Windows 7 users in January 2020, as Microsoft delivers its final security update…

2 years ago

Microsoft Granted ‘Mass Market’ Export Licence For Huawei

Sign of a thaw? Huawei will be still be able to utilise Microsoft software after US Dept of Commerce grants…

2 years ago

Microsoft Generates More Money From Cloud Than Windows

Nadella's legacy. Revenues from the cloud overtake sales from Windows for the first time ever at Microsoft

2 years ago

Microsoft Admits Disabling Windows 10 Anti-Virus

Redmond did temporarily switch off third party anti-virus products for Windows 10, the firm admits

4 years ago

Tales In Tech History: RIP Windows Vista

Windows Vista is finally dead. Here's our retrospective

5 years ago

Microsoft Attempts To Woo Chinese Government With Customised Windows 10

No backdoors here. Redmond teams up with Chinese firm to customise Windows 10 for Chinese governmental use

5 years ago

FSFE: City Of Munich Might Not Ditch Linux After All

FSFE campaigning forces a delay in Munich Mayor's mandate to return to Microsoft software

5 years ago

Microsoft To Revamp Windows 10 UI With Project Neon

Leaked screenshots reveals new and simplified user interface for Windows 10 for animations and 3D

5 years ago

Microsoft Blames Russia For Exploiting Google-Exposed Windows Flaw

Microsoft says Russian hackers behind exploit of unpatched Windows flaw, revealed by Google

5 years ago

BadTunnel Security Flaw Affected All Windows Versions For 20 Years

Discovery of serious Windows vulnerability, dubbed BadTunnel, earns researcher top bug bounty reward

5 years ago

Microsoft Scraps Broken Windows 10 Mobile Release For Lumia

The Windows 10 Mobile update for Lumia received a torrent of complaints

6 years ago

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Highlights Edge’s Security Credentials

Business as usual as Microsoft issues 12 bulletins after last month's modest security update

6 years ago

Microsoft Security Essentials Support For Windows XP Ends

Another reason to migrate from Windows XP, as Microsoft Security Essentials support officially ends

6 years ago

Windows 10 Shoehorned Into Quanta Compute Plug

Plug-and-play just got easy with Quanta's Compute Plug, which slots into power socket and runs Windows 10

7 years ago

Windows 10 NOT FREE To Enterprises, Microsoft Confirms

Microsoft confirms free Windows 10 upgrade is not available for large businesses, and it will be updated differently

7 years ago

6 Simple Steps To Surviving Windows Server 2003 End-of-life

Peter Tsai, Spiceworks IT analyst, explains how IT departments can avoid migration misery in 2015

7 years ago

Windows 10 Name Jump Blamed On Coding Shortcut

Developer suggests real reason why Microsoft decided not to name its new operating system Windows 9

7 years ago

Microsoft Surprises With Windows 10 Preview

So what happened to Windows 9? Microsoft surprises many with jump straight to Windows 10

7 years ago

Windows 9 To Include Cortana Assistant

Evidence mounts that Microsoft will port Cortana from Windows Phone 8.1 to its next PC operating system

7 years ago

Microsoft To End Security Essentials With XP Support Cutoff

Microsoft warns that Security Essentials for Windows XP is also set to end in three months time

8 years ago

CES 2014: Intel, AMD To Port Android Onto Windows Machines

Intel and AMD announce initiatives to bring Android to Window devices, with no rebooting required

8 years ago

Sony Mulls Windows Phone Move

Good news for Microsoft as Sony reportedly considers offering a Windows Phone handset

8 years ago

Microsoft Midori OS Details Emerge

Technical details have emerged about Microsoft's non-Windows operating system, codenamed Midori

8 years ago

Microsoft Tags US Government As A ‘Persistent Threat’

Microsoft labels the US government as an “advanced persistent threat” following the snooping revelations

8 years ago