Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Pulls The Plug On Windows 10 Mobile

The day that Windows Mobile died. No more support or bug fixes, as Microsoft finally calls time on mobile OS…

2 months ago

Microsoft Previews Folding Phone, Refreshes Surface Portfolio

But software giant faces big hurdle in convincing both consumers and developer community to back its idea

5 months ago

Microsoft Defends Surface Range Amid Reliability Concerns

Consumer Reports says it can't recommend any Surface laptops amid fears they are unreliable, but Microsoft hits back

3 years ago

Microsoft Readies Patch For Surface Pro 3 Battery Problem

Limited battery life with Surface Pro 3 is down to a software problem, Microsoft confirms as it readies patch

3 years ago

Microsoft Grows Thanks To Azure, Office 365

Satya Nadella's move towards subscription business model pays off, but profits still slide

5 years ago

Microsoft Reveals Mounting Losses For Surface Tablet

The company actually loses money on every tablet device it sells

6 years ago

Microsoft Readies Power Cover For Surface Device

Microsoft will next week ship a keyboard-cover for its Surface tablets that will increase battery life

6 years ago

Microsoft Surface ‘Used More At Work’ Than iPads

New survey also finds that the differences between iOS and Android tablet users might be smaller than they think

6 years ago

Microsoft Surface Mini Tablet To Include Kinect Sensors

More details emerge regarding Microsoft's long rumoured seven-inch Surface tablet

6 years ago

New Generation Of Microsoft Surface Tablets Arrives On 22 October

Microsoft Surface 2 and Microsoft Surface 2 Pro promise to increase productivity

6 years ago