Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Confirms Internet Explorer To End On 15 June 2022

Redmond will cease support for Internet Explorer 11 in mid June next year, over a quarter of a century since…

7 months ago

Microsoft Edge Overtakes Firefox On Desktops

Worrying development for Mozilla Foundation, as user numbers of the Firefox browser on desktop shrinks, allowing Microsoft Edge to overtake…

8 months ago

Microsoft Edge Now Generally Available For iOS And Android

Microsoft Edge web browser leaves preview for iPhone and Android smartphones

4 years ago

Microsoft Edge Mobile Arrives On iOS And Android

Microsoft releases Edge Mobile and launches a preview for its Android launcher

4 years ago

Pwn2Own Hackers Earn $340,000 Exploiting Windows, macOS

The second day of the Pwn2Own 2017 hacking competition reveals Windows, macOS, Adobe Flash and web browser exploits

5 years ago

BBC Set To Kill iPlayer App For Windows Phone

Cost is apparently the primary driver as BBC sets timeline for the end of the Windows Phone iPlayer app

5 years ago

Microsoft Edge Now Offers AdBlock Plus

Free Windows Store AdBlock apps will allow users of Microsoft’s Windows 10 browser to surf the web without annoying ads

6 years ago

Microsoft Stops Cortana Working With Anything Except Bing And Edge

Searches made using Cortana will only open in Bing and Microsoft Edge as struggle for browser and search market share…

6 years ago

Build 2015: Say Goodbye To Project Spartan, Hello To Microsoft Edge

Company says Microsoft Edge branding reflects commitment to creating a cutting edge modern browser

7 years ago