EU Eyes Telegram User Numbers As It Nears Regulatory Threshold

European Commission says in contact with Telegram as platform nears 45 million user threshold for stringent DSA rules

2 weeks ago

Telegram To Reach One Billion Users Within Year

Catching WhatsApp? Billionaire founder of Telegram claims encrypted platform will reach one billion users within a year

2 months ago

Apple To Bring RCS To iPhones Autumn 2024, Says Google

Finally on the way? Google webpage briefly indicates that Apple will bring RCS to the iPhone by Autumn this year

2 months ago

Microsoft Unbundles Teams From Office Suite

Redmond's collaboration tool Teams is decoupled from Office Suite, under new licensing terms announced on Monday

2 months ago

US Government, US States Sue Apple For Smartphone Monopoly

Apple accused of making it harder to switch phones, hampering innovation, and imposing costs on developers

3 months ago

Telegram Reaches 900m Users, Nears Profitability

Encrypted messaging app Telegram reaches 900 million users, nears profitability as secretive company considers IPO

3 months ago

Apple To Add RCS To Improve Texting Between Android, iPhone

Cross platform texting improvement on the way, as Apple says it will add support for RCS messaging in 2024

7 months ago

SEC Probe ‘Collects Thousands Of Wall Street App Messages’

SEC reportedly reviewing thousands of private messages from apps such as WhatsApp and Signal in Wall Street record-keeping probe

9 months ago

Government Abandons Plan To Scan Encrypted Messages

Online Safety Bill climbdown? After tech platforms threaten to quit UK, government abandons plan to scan encrypted messages

9 months ago

Apple Objects To Spy Clause In UK Online Safety Bill

Apple adds to criticism of spy powers in Online Safety Bill that could force messaging firms to scan encrypted messages

12 months ago

WhatsApp Lets Users Edit Sent Messages – For 15 Minutes

Meta encrypted messaging platform WhatsApp introduces editing of sent messages, but only for 15 minutes after original post

1 year ago

WhatsApp Adds ‘Chat Lock’ To Secure ‘Intimate’ Messages

Extra layer of security has been added for WhatsApp messages, with ability to lock and hide sensitive conversations

1 year ago

Twitter To Launch Encrypted Direct Messaging

Elon Musk reveals Twitter is to launch encrypted direct messages on Wednesday, and voice and video chat are to follow

1 year ago

WhatsApp, Other Messaging Firms Urge Online Safety Bill ‘Rethink’

WhatsApp, six other encrypted messaging firms call for 'urgent rethink' of Online Safety Bill that they say woud weaken user…

1 year ago

WhatsApp To Bypass Regime Internet Shutdowns

Iran, China blow? Internet shutdowns by authoritarian regimes will not prevent WhatsApp users from messaging, Meta confirms

1 year ago

WhatsApp To Stop Working On Older Mobile Phones

Millions of users of older iPhones and Android handsets are to lose access to WhatsApp, after support ends 31 December

1 year ago

Tim Cook Dismisses Google Pressure To Adopt RCS

Apple CEO Tim Cook suggests 'buy your mom an iPhone,' in response to question about no RCS support or integration…

2 years ago

WhatsApp Reactions Expanded To Allow Full Use Of Every Emoji

New update for WhatsApp users will allow the use of any emoji as a reaction, greatly expanding choice for user…

2 years ago

Google To Shut Down Hangouts Later This Year

Another app closure. Google Hangouts will be shut down in November this year, as conversations are moved onto Google Chat

2 years ago

WhatsApp Gains Approval To Double Indian Payment Service – Report

Regulatory approval for Meta's WhatsApp, to more than double the number of users of its payments service in India to…

2 years ago

Signal Dismisses Hack Rumour As ‘Misinformation Campaign’

Messaging app Signal denies rumours its platform was hacked, saying it is part of a “co-ordinated misinformation campaign”

2 years ago

WeChat Account Of Australian Prime Minister Removed

China strikes back? Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison's WeChat account has vanished, with some alleging Chinese interference

2 years ago

Germany May Close Down Telegram, Minister Warns

Shutting down popular messaging service Telegram in Germany cannot be ruled out, Interior Minister warns, amid battle over pandemic restrictions

2 years ago

WhatsApp Tests Message Sending Without Smartphone

Look mum, no smartphone. For the first time WhatsApp to test a feature to allow users to send messages without…

3 years ago

WhatsApp Beta Tests Disappearing Video, Photo Messages

Self destruct feature. Disappearing photo and video message option is being deployed for iOS and Android WhatsApp beta apps

3 years ago

Signal Hacks Cellebrite Phone Hacking Kit

Sweet revenge? Signal said it has hacked the phone hacking kit from Cellebrite, used by law enforcement to access mobile…

3 years ago

Is Microsoft About To Buy Discord?

Reports surface that Microsoft is considering a possible $10 billion purchase of messaging and communication service Discord

3 years ago

WhatsApp Adds Voice And Video Calling To Desktop App

Bigger screen time. Facebook's WhatsApp messaging service has finally added voice and video calling capabilities to its desktop version

3 years ago

WhatsApp To Limit Messaging, Unless Users Agree New Terms

Users who don't agree to WhatsApp's updated terms will be blocked from messaging, and their account could be eventually deleted

3 years ago

India To Quiz Facebook Over WhatsApp Privacy Terms

Delayed mandatory privacy policy update by Facebook's WhatsApp, to reportedly trigger questions from Indian parliamentary panel

3 years ago