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Salesforce And Slack Integrate Messaging And Cloud CRM

Salesforce has teamed up with Slack with the aim of integrating features from each other’s services over the coming months.

6 years ago

Cisco Pushes H.264 Video Codec Toward Standardisation

Industry observers applauded Cisco's move to essentially open source H.264, but Google said it will continue to support the rival…

9 years ago

YouTube Looks For User Votes In Music Awards

The YouTube Music Awards will feature winners chosen by fans, in a live broadcast scheduled for 3 November

9 years ago

Google Plus Hangouts For iOS Gets Free Phone Calls

Google+ Hangouts iOS users can now make free phone calls to any phone in the USA and Canada

9 years ago

Cisco Finds Younger Executives Driving Video Communications

Younger executives are expecting to be able to use business-class video communications in their jobs, according to a Cisco survey

9 years ago

Snom To Distribute HP Lync-Optimised IP Phones

Enterprises will now be able to buy HP's IP phones, optimised for Microsoft's Lync technology, through Snom's worldwide distributor and…

9 years ago

Google Game Showcases WebRTC Communications

Google's Cube Slam game makes use of WebRTC, a browser technology that enables video chat without plug-ins

9 years ago

Microsoft Connects Skype, Lync

Microsoft has introduced voice and chat interoperability between its enterprise and consumer products

9 years ago

UK Users Quit Facebook Due To Advert Fatigue

Facebook usage has declined in the UK over the past year, with departing users saying they are fed up with…

9 years ago

US Beats Europe On Mobile Use While Driving

Sixty-nine percent of US drivers admitted to talking on their mobile phones while driving, compared to 21 percent in the…

9 years ago

Logitech May Sell Video Conferencing Business

Following poor financial results, Logitech has said it is considering selling businesses including the LifeSize video-conferencing unit

9 years ago

US Households Drop Landlines For Mobile

About 34 percent of all US adults now live in households with only mobile telephones, according to a study by…

9 years ago

Queen’s Christmas Message To Be Broadcast In 3D

The Queen's Christmas message will use 3D technology for the first time, 80 years after the first royal Christmas broadcast…

10 years ago

Obama Victory Tweet Breaks Record

A Tweet by the campaign staff of US president Barack Obama became the most-retweeted Twitter post in history, surpassing a…

10 years ago

Lawsuit Seeks $15bn For Facebook Privacy Violations

The California class action lawsuit against Facebook arrives as a German official expresses concerns about the company's privacy approach

10 years ago

Twitter Hits 10m Users In UK

After a turbulent year for Twitter in the UK, the company has posted strong growth and is planning further engagement…

10 years ago

RIM Puts Social Tools Into Public Beta

The first beta of BBM Social Platform is aimed at Java developers, with WebWorks support planned for April

11 years ago