China Backed Hackers Compromised Six US State Governments – Mandiant

Prolific Chinese state-sponsored hackers APT41 has compromised at least six US state government networks, Mandiant has warned

4 months ago

Google To Acquire Mandiant For $5.4 Billion

Mandiant is to be acquired by Google, after the Alphabet division agrees to pay $5.4 billion for the cybersecurity veteran

4 months ago

Microsoft Mulls Mandiant Purchase To Bolster Security – Report

Shares in Mandiant rise amid report that software giant Microsoft is considering a purchase of the veteran cybersecurity specialist

5 months ago

FBI Urges Olympic Athletes To Use Burner Phones

FBI urges athletes competing at the Beijing Winter Olympics to leave their personal devices at home, and rather carry burner…

5 months ago

Ransomware Attacks Prompting Global Response – Mandiant CEO

Enough is enough. Head of security firm says organisations and governments now going on offensive against ransomware operators

6 months ago

Industry Reaction To Government’s National Cyber Strategy

Government's national cyber strategy has been welcomed as a positive step by experts within cyber security industry. Silicon UK gathers…

6 months ago

Tech Industry Scrambles Over Log4j Vulnerability

Vulnerability found in Apache logging library Log4j exposes popular apps, websites and online services to attack and exploitation

7 months ago

European Commission Plans Joint Cyber Unit

European authorities propose a joint cyber unit to tackle large-scale security incidents, with European nations sharing their cyber expertise and…

1 year ago

Hacker Attempts To Poison US City Water Supply

Real world risk to people's health from hackers demonstrated, after cyber attack attempted to poison water supply for an entire…

1 year ago

Emotet Botnet Offline After Global Takedown By Police

Good news. One of the world's most dangerous botnets, Emotet, has been taken down in a co-ordinated police operation around…

1 year ago

DoJ Charges Two Chinese Hackers Of IP And Coronavirus Vaccine Theft

As the US orders closure of Chinese consulate in Texas, the DoJ indites two Chinese hackers for IP theft and…

2 years ago

Australian PM Warns Of ‘Sophisticated’ Cyber Attack By ‘State-Based’ Actor

Prime Minister Scott Morrison reveals Australia is experiencing cyber attacks across 'a range of sectors', with China reportedly the likely…

2 years ago

Hackers Steal Data From Security Researcher

Hacker group 31337 Hackers says it is carrying out a broad campaign targeting the security analysts who help track down…

5 years ago

Qualcomm Software Flaw Puts Android Devices At Risk

Chipmaker works with FireEye and Mandiant to identify code vulnerability in Android software

6 years ago

FireEye Boosts Cyber-Forsenics With Mandiant Purchase

FireEye is to bolster its cyber forensics capabilities with the decision to acquire Mandiant for £608m

8 years ago

Chinese Cyber Espionage Unit Starts Re-Hacking US Organisations

Unit 61398, allegedly sponsored by the PLA, is back at it again

9 years ago

China PLA Linked To Major Hacker Collective

US firm says it is time China was openly blamed for hack attacks

9 years ago

Malware Attackers Use Social Sites As Control Centres

Sophisticated malware attackers increasingly use services and social networking sites for control operations

11 years ago