Microsoft Project Freta Looks To Eradicate Undetected Malware

Demonstration technology carries out offline sweeps of Linux virtual machine snapshots at large scale to help organisations root out in-memory…

3 weeks ago

Apple Reconfigures Macs To Block Adware

Apple will no longer allow user profiles to be installed on Macs without user interaction, in move targeting 'plague of…

1 month ago

Production At Honda Grinds To Halt After Second Cyber Attack

Work at Honda factories in Japan, the UK, North America, Brazil, India, Turkey and Italy has been suspended after another…

2 months ago

TrickBot Malware Update Makes It Harder To Detect

TrickBot information-stealing malware updated with new 'nworm' module that uses encryption and in-memory execution to hinder detection efforts

2 months ago

Android Hit By ‘Incredibly Sophisticated’ Malware

Malware found on Google Play looks innocent at first, then downloads additional capabilities that allow it to take over targeted…

3 months ago

Coronavirus: Google Blocks 18 Million Daily Covid-19 Scam Emails

Online threat. In the past week alone Google says it has blocked 126 million Covid-related daily phishing scams

4 months ago

Hackers Use Coronavirus Scare To Attack Government Systems

Attack groups make use of chaos around coronavirus to target organisations in Mongolia, South Korea, Ukraine, Vietnam and elsewhere

5 months ago

Scammers Use Coronavirus Map To Spread Malware

Scammers are using fear around the coronavirus epidemic to spread malware via malicious email attachments, phishing messages and even a…

5 months ago

Redcar Council Still Crippled By Ransomware Attack

Pen and paper still being used. Northern local council admits its IT systems are still down, 19 days after a…

5 months ago

US Warns Of Gas Pipeline Shutdown After Ransomware Attack

Real world dangers posed by malware after natural gas pipeline in the United States is shut down after a ransomware…

6 months ago

Facebook Ordered To Unlock NSO Staffer Account

WhatsApp hack development. Israeli court orders Facebook to unblock a personal account belonging to an employee at NSO Group

6 months ago

Critical ‘BlueFrag’ Bluetooth Vulnerability In Older Android OS

Security researchers ERNW identity critical vulnerability affecting the Android Bluetooth subsystem, which it is calling 'BlueFrag'

6 months ago

United Nations Covered Up Hack – Report

Hack compromised 20 admin accounts and malware was implanted on 40 servers, but the UN opted to cover up the…

6 months ago

Travelex Finally Restores Money Transfers

It only took a month to sort out. Currency trader back online and no longer relying on pen and paper…

6 months ago

Facebook Sues Firm For ‘Celeb Bait’ Adverts That Installed Malware

Social networking giant takes action against advertising fraud with a lawsuit against Hong Kong firm

8 months ago

Public Charging Stations Can Steal Data, Warn Officials

'Juice jacking' criminals are exploiting USB charging stations at airports, hotels and shopping centres to install malware

9 months ago

WhatsApp Hack Targetted Senior Government Officials

Hack of WhatsApp more sinister than first thought, with high-profile government and military officials of US allies targetted

9 months ago

WhatsApp Sues NSO For ‘Advanced’ Surveillance Hack Claim

Facebook division files lawsuit against NSO Group, because of alleged surveillance tool exploit

9 months ago

Pitney Bowes Says No Data Stolen After Ransomware Attack

Mailing and shipping firm Pitney Bowes has been hit by a ransomware attack, but says no data has been stolen

10 months ago

‘GandCrab’ Ransomware Returns Despite Retirement Claim

New ransomware has links to GandCrab, warns SecureWorks, casting doubt on retirement claims

11 months ago

Mac Malware Pretends To Be Share-Trading App

Newly discovered Mac malware includes copy of real share-trading app, but also steals data and carries out other malicious functions…

11 months ago

Adware Hidden In Play Store Apps Infects 8 Million Users

Malware found in 85 apps posing as games or photography utilities displays full-screen ads and takes 'unique' steps to avoid…

12 months ago

Financial Malware Attacks On The Rise, Warns Kaspersky

Consumers are increasingly being targetted by financial malware, alarming new research shows

1 year ago

German Industrial Giants Attacked By Chinese Hackers – Report

Blue chip German industrial firms have confirmed cyber attacks, which are being blamed on state-backed Chinese group

1 year ago

25 Million Android Phones Infected With Fake Apps

'Agent Smith' malware replaces legitimate installed apps (such as WhatsApp) with malicious versions

1 year ago

Malware Riddled Laptop Sells For $1.3m

Eleven year old laptop containing six infamous viruses has been auctioned off for more than $1m as a piece of…

1 year ago

Mobile Banking Malware On The Rise, Kaspersky Lab Warns

Worrying number of attacks by mobile banking malware, report from Kaspersky Lab discovers

1 year ago

GozNym Cybercrime Gang Dismantled in Global Operation

Law enforcement in many countries take down a criminal gang that used malware to steal millions

1 year ago

Iran Tests Firewall To Counter Stuxnet Threats

Industrial systems now protected from foreign cyber threats, Iran tells world after alleging Israeli attack

1 year ago

US Government Identifies North Korean Hacking Tool

New malware from North Korea used to raise much needed funds has been identified by FBI and DHS

1 year ago