Facebook Sues Firm For ‘Celeb Bait’ Adverts That Installed Malware

Social networking giant takes action against advertising fraud with a lawsuit against Hong Kong firm

2 months ago

Public Charging Stations Can Steal Data, Warn Officials

'Juice jacking' criminals are exploiting USB charging stations at airports, hotels and shopping centres to install malware

2 months ago

WhatsApp Hack Targetted Senior Government Officials

Hack of WhatsApp more sinister than first thought, with high-profile government and military officials of US allies targetted

3 months ago

WhatsApp Sues NSO For ‘Advanced’ Surveillance Hack Claim

Facebook division files lawsuit against NSO Group, because of alleged surveillance tool exploit

3 months ago

Pitney Bowes Says No Data Stolen After Ransomware Attack

Mailing and shipping firm Pitney Bowes has been hit by a ransomware attack, but says no data has been stolen

3 months ago

‘GandCrab’ Ransomware Returns Despite Retirement Claim

New ransomware has links to GandCrab, warns SecureWorks, casting doubt on retirement claims

4 months ago

Mac Malware Pretends To Be Share-Trading App

Newly discovered Mac malware includes copy of real share-trading app, but also steals data and carries out other malicious functions…

4 months ago

Adware Hidden In Play Store Apps Infects 8 Million Users

Malware found in 85 apps posing as games or photography utilities displays full-screen ads and takes 'unique' steps to avoid…

5 months ago

Financial Malware Attacks On The Rise, Warns Kaspersky

Consumers are increasingly being targetted by financial malware, alarming new research shows

6 months ago

German Industrial Giants Attacked By Chinese Hackers – Report

Blue chip German industrial firms have confirmed cyber attacks, which are being blamed on state-backed Chinese group

6 months ago