BT Eagle-i Seeks To Predict, Prevent Cyberattacks

Proactive security approach. New security platform from BT Security, dubbed 'Eagle-i', seeks to predict and prevent cyberattacks

3 months ago

Insider Leaks Data From Conti Ransomware Group

Disgruntled affiliate from Conti gang's ransomware service leaks valuable technical details and instruction manuals, amidst battle against malware groups

6 months ago

Apple Executive Admits Mac Malware Problem

Software boss Craig Federighi admits Apple Mac computers have an unacceptable amount of malware, unlike the iPhone platform

8 months ago

Malware From Google Play Store Infects 700,000 Users

Etinu malware bypasses Google's security protections, infects 700,000 Android users to make unauthorised purchases before being removed

9 months ago

One In Six Android Phones In Developing Markets Infected

Mobile specialist Upstream warns large percentage of Android phones in developing markets infected with malware, due to a number of…

9 months ago

Sectigo Warns 40 Percent Of SMBs Are Attacked Monthly

Survey finds that 50 percent of SMBs have suffered a website breach at some point, with 20 percent admitting being…

11 months ago

30,000 Apple Macs Infected With ‘Silver Sparrow’ Malware

Red Canary security researchers warn up to 30,000 Apple Mac computers are infected with 'Silver Sparrow' malware, that has no…

11 months ago

Malware Now Targets Apple’s M1 Processors

Apple security warning. Researcher discovers malware is now being rewritten to target Apple's inhouse designed M1 processors

11 months ago

Popular Barcode Scanner App Transforms Into Adware

Malwarebytes issues warning, after update to a popular barcode scanning app on Google Play, transforms it into adware pusher

12 months ago

Emotet Botnet Offline After Global Takedown By Police

Good news. One of the world's most dangerous botnets, Emotet, has been taken down in a co-ordinated police operation around…

12 months ago

Some Laptops For Vulnerable Children Contain Malware – Report

A small number of laptops handed out by the Department for Education to vulnerable children, reportedly contain malware linked to…

12 months ago

Hackney Council Confirms Hack Still Causing ‘Significant Disruption’

London Hackney council confirms that a 'serious cyberattack' in October is still causing 'significant disruption' to services

1 year ago

Japanese Nuclear Regulator Suffers Cyber Attack – Report

Nuclear agency in Japan (the Nuclear Regulation Authority) reportedly suffers a cyber attack and switched off its email systems

1 year ago

NCSC Report Reveals Scale Of Coronavirus Cyber Threats

British online defender outlines what cyber threats it has encountered over past year, with Covid-19 featuring prominently

1 year ago

US DoJ Charges Six Russian GRU Officers For Cyberattacks

Hackers also targeted this year's delayed Olympic Games in Tokyo says UK, as the US DoJ charges six Russian military…

1 year ago

Microsoft Takes Down Trickbot Hacking Operation

Another takedown from Microsoft sees it disrupt key Trickbot servers, which it said could have indirectly impact US election infrastructure

1 year ago

‘Taurus’ Malicious Ad Campaign Puts Data At Risk

Drive-by hacking tools plant Taurus data-stealing malware on vulnerable systems, as pandemic raises risk of corporate data being stolen from…

1 year ago

Musk Confirms ‘Serious Attack’ On Tesla By Russian Hackers

You couldn't make it up. Russian hacker arrested for offering Tesla worker $1 million to install specifically-designed malware onto car…

1 year ago

Microsoft Project Freta Looks To Eradicate Undetected Malware

Demonstration technology carries out offline sweeps of Linux virtual machine snapshots at large scale to help organisations root out in-memory…

2 years ago

Apple Reconfigures Macs To Block Adware

Apple will no longer allow user profiles to be installed on Macs without user interaction, in move targeting 'plague of…

2 years ago

Production At Honda Grinds To Halt After Second Cyber Attack

Work at Honda factories in Japan, the UK, North America, Brazil, India, Turkey and Italy has been suspended after another…

2 years ago

TrickBot Malware Update Makes It Harder To Detect

TrickBot information-stealing malware updated with new 'nworm' module that uses encryption and in-memory execution to hinder detection efforts

2 years ago

Android Hit By ‘Incredibly Sophisticated’ Malware

Malware found on Google Play looks innocent at first, then downloads additional capabilities that allow it to take over targeted…

2 years ago

Coronavirus: Google Blocks 18 Million Daily Covid-19 Scam Emails

Online threat. In the past week alone Google says it has blocked 126 million Covid-related daily phishing scams

2 years ago

Hackers Use Coronavirus Scare To Attack Government Systems

Attack groups make use of chaos around coronavirus to target organisations in Mongolia, South Korea, Ukraine, Vietnam and elsewhere

2 years ago

Scammers Use Coronavirus Map To Spread Malware

Scammers are using fear around the coronavirus epidemic to spread malware via malicious email attachments, phishing messages and even a…

2 years ago

Redcar Council Still Crippled By Ransomware Attack

Pen and paper still being used. Northern local council admits its IT systems are still down, 19 days after a…

2 years ago

US Warns Of Gas Pipeline Shutdown After Ransomware Attack

Real world dangers posed by malware after natural gas pipeline in the United States is shut down after a ransomware…

2 years ago

Facebook Ordered To Unlock NSO Staffer Account

WhatsApp hack development. Israeli court orders Facebook to unblock a personal account belonging to an employee at NSO Group

2 years ago

Critical ‘BlueFrag’ Bluetooth Vulnerability In Older Android OS

Security researchers ERNW identity critical vulnerability affecting the Android Bluetooth subsystem, which it is calling 'BlueFrag'

2 years ago