Macbook Air

Apple 18 October Launch Event – MacBooks, AirPods Expected

Invites dispatched to a virtual Apple launch event on 18th October - new MacBook laptops and AirPod headphones are expected

3 months ago

Chip Shortage Hits Apple iPad, Mac Production – Report

Production has reportedly been delayed or postponed for some Apple Macbooks and iPads due to ongoing shortage of silicon chips

10 months ago

Apple Unveils Mac Computers Powered By M1 Chip

Tuesday's 'One More Thing' launch event sees Apple reveal the first MacBook Air and other Macs with its inhouse designed…

1 year ago

Apple Teases Surprise ‘One More Thing’ Launch Event

Third launch event scheduled by Apple for Tuesday 10 November, with new Macs expected to showcase inhouse ARM silicon

1 year ago

New Apple MacBook Air Also Drops Butterfly Keyboard

Apple 'butterfly' keyboard experiment seems to be over, as updated MacBook Air launches with traditional 'scissor' mechanism keyboard

2 years ago

Apple Offers Free MacBook Repairs For Keyboard Flaw

Butterfly mechanism for nearly all modern MacBooks contains design flaw, as Apple redesigns keyboards for new models

3 years ago

Apple Adds Facial Recognition To Revamped iPad Pro

Refresh for Macbook and iPad Pro sees higher prices, better processors and screens, and facial recognition

3 years ago

LG Takes On The Macbook Air With Super-Light Gram Laptops

13in and 14in ultrabooks weigh in at under 1kg as LG looks to go lightweight

6 years ago

Apple Reveals ‘Thinnest Ever’ MacBook And Three Other Laptops

Apple redesigns MacBook with Broadwell chips, Force Touch trackpad and layered battery to reduce size and weight

7 years ago

Retina MacBook Pro Slated In Teardown

A teardown specialist has given the Retina display MacBook Pro the worse possible score, branding it virtually unfixable

10 years ago

Apple Readies Major Mac Refresh At WWDC

Apple will reportedly add Retina displays as part of its major refresh of the Mac portfolio next week

10 years ago

Intel Readies Huge Ultrabook Marketing Push

Intel is throwing its substantial marketing muscle behind a massive new advertising campaign for Ultrabooks

10 years ago

CES 2012: Ultrabooks Steal The Show From Tablets

Following the tablet frenzy, low-cost Windows 'ultrabooks' will be the latest gadget to take over CES, according to industry observers

10 years ago

Acer Cracks Ultrabook Price Barrier With Aspire S3

Acer has managed to come under Intel's $1,000 (£640) price ceiling with its Aspire S3-951 ultrabook

10 years ago

Teardown Of MacBook Air Reveals Nothing Radical

A teardown of the new MacBook Air has revealed that nothing much has changed over previous models

11 years ago

Intel Shows Lightweight ‘Ultrabook’ Devices

The new 'Ultrabook' ultra-light laptop is intended to compete with the tide of tablets and the MacBook Air

11 years ago

Lenovo X1 Answers Apple’s MacBook Air: Review

Lenovo's ThinkPad X1 offers a slim option for business users, but doesn't hold back on power

11 years ago

Apple Installs Faster SSD In MacBook Air

Apple has quietly replaced a Toshiba solid state drive in the MacBook Air with a faster alternative

11 years ago

Report: Sony Planning Vaio Hybrid PC

Sony is rumoured to be cooking up a two-part Vaio PC to compete with Apple's MacBook Air

11 years ago

Updated MacBook Pro Slated For March Arrival

Apple is reportedly to introduce its updated line of MacBook Pro notebooks in a couple of weeks time

11 years ago

Dell To Axe Adamo Rival To MacBook Air

Dell is reportedly planning on killing off its rival to the Macbook Air after lackluster sales

11 years ago

Early Apple Computer Expected To Fetch £150,000

People will be able to bid for their own piece of Apple history, after its first computer (the Apple-1) goes…

11 years ago

Apple Readies Fix For Faulty MacBook Air Display

Apple has quietly acknowledged a problem with the MacBook Air display and is said to be working on a fix

11 years ago

Apple’s New MacBook Air Builds On iPad

The new Apple MacBook Air, and OS X Lion show Apple is going even more mobile, following the iPad and…

11 years ago

New MacBook Air Expected At Apple Event

Rumours are swirling that Apple is to show off a new version of the MacBook Air during an upcoming event…

11 years ago