Login Managers Exploited By Third-Party Scripts To Capture User Emails

Hidden scripts are capturing user email addresses from browsers' login or password managers

4 years ago

Facebook Introduces ‘Instant’ Two-Factor Authentication

The 'instant verification' feature allows users to log into services using their phone number without having to receive a text…

6 years ago

British Gas Customer Logins Published Online

Customer logins for British Gas customers published online as company reportedly denies system breach

7 years ago

Yahoo To Ditch Third Party Login ID Option

Yahoo is to insist that users login via a dedicated a Yahoo ID, and not by using Google or Facebook…

8 years ago

Amazon Touts Login Service For Third Parties

Amazon opens up about its third party login service that allows customers to make purchases from other websites

9 years ago

Google’s Next Madcap Idea: Facial Expression Authentication

Google tries to patent facial expression logins, but experts don't think it's worth the bother

9 years ago

Amazon Launches Login Service For Third-Party Apps

Soon, users will be able to log into websites or apps using details registered with Amazon

9 years ago

Google+ Sign-In Opens To iOS, Android Apps

Google has opened up its Google+ sign-in feature to allow seamless access to third party iOS and Android apps

9 years ago

Image-Based ‘Kill Switch’ Used To Foil Hackers

Confident Technologies has introduced an image-based system designed to block brute-force log-in hacks

11 years ago