More Than 25,000 Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers Found Leaking Sensitive Data

The issue appears to be due to an incomplete patch for a known issue dating from 2014

3 years ago

Bugs Batter Linksys Routers Opening Them Up To Becoming Botnets

Ten security holes were found in more than 20 router models from Linksys

5 years ago

The Essential Download: iOS 9.3.3, Wire And Pokemon Go

Discover the best new, updated and essential apps for your smartphone and tablet

6 years ago

Cisco Gets Ready To Sell Linksys

Cisco to ditch consumer gear and focus on business

9 years ago

Cisco U-Turn Over Privacy For Cloud Connect Service

Cisco has backtracked after facing complaints about privacy issues for new Linksys Wi-Fi routers and the Cloud Connect Service

10 years ago

Cisco Rumours Hint At Linksys, WebEx Sell-Off

Cisco is reportedly considering selling its Linksys and WebEx divisions as part of its refocusing efforts

11 years ago