Government App Targets Fake Profiles Used By Foreign Spies

New government app helps identify fake social media profiles from sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook amidst 'industrial scale' espionage…

2 weeks ago

US Court Rules Data Scraping On Public Websites Is Legal

User privacy blow. Scraping data from online LinkedIn profiles is legal, Appeal Court in the United States tells Microsoft

1 month ago

LinkedIn Overcharging Lawsuit Dismissed By US Judge

Lawsuit alleging Microsoft's LinkedIn division had inflated its advertising metrics for video ads watched is dismissed by US judge

5 months ago

Microsoft Shutters LinkedIn In China Over Increasing Censorship

LinkedIn, China's last major US-operated social network, is being closed down, due to Beijing's increasing censorship of the online world

8 months ago

Data On 700 Million LinkedIn Users For Sale On Dark Web – Report

LinkedIn denies the personal data of 700 million users for sale on Dark Web was a result of a data…

11 months ago

LinkedIn Data Of 500 Million Users Being Sold Online – Report

Scraped data of nearly half a billion LinkedIn users is being sold online, with two million records being published as…

1 year ago

Salesforce’s LinkedIn Account Hijacked With Black Lives Matter Post

CRM giant Salesforce confirms its LinkedIn social media account have been compromised, following unauthorised BLM post last week

1 year ago

New LinkedIn Analytics Job Recruiter Tools Provide ‘Talent Insights’

When it arrives in 2018, LinkedIn Talent Insights provide data analytics that give recruiters a clearer, more complete picture of…

5 years ago

Russian Hackers Stole And Traded British MPs’ Passwords

Emails and passwords belonging to British MPs and high level public servants traded online

5 years ago

LinkedIn, HPE Create Open19 Foundation For Open Data Centre Servers

Watch out OCP? Open19 Foundation will push its data centre blueprint for next generation, standardised servers

5 years ago

Microsoft Connects LinkedIn To Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 users will be able to draw on LinkedIn sales data in the first fruit of Microsoft's £20bn acquisition…

5 years ago

Microsoft Appoints LinkedIn’s Kevin Scott As CTO

Scott will be responsible for driving professional cloud and network services at the Redmond company

5 years ago

LinkedIn Gets A Facelift With New Desktop Design

LinkedIn promises improved user experience with biggest ever desktop redesign

5 years ago

LinkedIn And eBay Founders Throw £16.5m At AI Ethics Fund

The Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Fund will explore the development of AI from a non-technical viewpoint

5 years ago

LinkedIn’s Suffers Data Breach, 9.5 Million Users Alerted To The Hack

55,000 users have had their passwords reset after someone gained access to a database containing user information

5 years ago

Microsoft Offers Remedies To EC In Bid To Gain £21bn LinkedIn Takeover Approval

Microsoft has offered to sweeten the deal for European regulators so it can get LinkedIn approval, despite Salesforce and other…

6 years ago

Russia To Block LinkedIn Access Over ‘Data Protection Violations’

Access to LinkedIn to be blocked within days over violations of Russia's strict data protection laws

6 years ago

US Names Arrested Russian As Alleged LinkedIn, Dropbox Hacker

Yevigeniy Nikulin, a 29-year-old Moscow resident, allegedly conspired with two others to hack LinkedIn, Dropbox and other sites

6 years ago

Yahoo, LinkedIn, Apple iCloud: 10 Big Data Breaches

Data breaches from hack attacks continue to get bigger and bolder but which of these do you remember?

6 years ago

LinkedIn Learning Launches To Help Seek Out New Skills

New changes include e-learning platform to improve skills amid growing need for talent acquisition

6 years ago

LinkedIn UK MD: The Risk Of A London Tech Exodus Is Real

INTERVIEW: LinkedIn's Josh Graff says UK firms must do more to keep the best tech talent in the capital amid…

6 years ago

LinkedIn: Open-Sourcing Under the Microsoft Regime

Q&A with LinkedIn head of engineering Igor Perisic : Will Microsoft’s acquisition slow down the social network's cadence of open-sourcing…

6 years ago

LinkedIn Open Sources Mobile Data Framework

The mobile framework for iOS scales better than Apple's Core Data and speeds up data-intensive apps, LinkedIn says

6 years ago

Microsoft Beat Four Other Rivals To Acquire LinkedIn

SEC documents reveal four other parties, including Salesforce, wanted in on LinkedIn

6 years ago

Unknown Connections On LinkedIn Can Compromise Enterprise Security

Intel Security says employees are not being educated about the risks of adding people they don't know on LinkedIn amid…

6 years ago

GitHub Accounts Compromised In Password Attack

Fallout from LinkedIn breach seems to continue as GitHub admits some accounts were accessed by attacker

6 years ago

Microsoft-LinkedIn Deal May Prove Better Fit Than Earlier Buyouts

ANALYSIS: Although more consumers use Microsoft products, enterprises are its most important customers, and owning LinkedIn can help deepen their…

6 years ago

Microsoft Acquires LinkedIn For £18.5bn

Nadella snaps up LinkedIn in "re-founding moment" for professional social network

6 years ago

Lessons From Mark Zuckerberg’s Social Networking Account Breach

ANALYSIS: Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a mistake that many, perhaps most, people make and reused passwords for…

6 years ago