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Facebook Code Hints At Hiding Like Button

Code has been found in Facebook's Android app which could potentially allow likes about a post to be hidden

3 years ago

Top EU Court Says Websites Liable For Facebook ‘Like’ Button Data

Decision makes websites and Facebook jointly responsible for collecting user data via 'Like' button plugins, potentially meaning 'serious repercussions'

3 years ago

Facebook’s ‘Reactions’ Feature Will Challenge The ‘Like’ Button

Will 'Reactions' be 'Liked' by Facebook users as social network begins trial of improved feedback

7 years ago

Google Adds More Functionality To +1 Button

Google's +1 button has been updated to allow users to share webpages they like by pressing the button

11 years ago

Skype Beta Increases Integration With Facebook

A new Skype beta is offering deeper integration with the social networking platform of Facebook

11 years ago

Google +1 Button Arrives On More Websites

Google's version of the Facebook Like button has been rolled out to more websites including YouTube

11 years ago

Google’s Schmidt Admits Social Networking Mistakes

Google's executive chairman admits he failed to move quickly enough to address the threat from Facebook

11 years ago

Google +1 Won’t Beat Facebook’s Like Button

Google +1 is no Facebook conqueror, but it could be made into an attractive program for advertisers, says Clint Boulton

11 years ago