WhatsApp Launches Digital Payments Service

Chat-based payments system, offered first in Brazil, allows users to send money or pay merchants without leaving chat service

2 months ago

Facebook Rethinks Libra Digital Currency Plans – Report

Resistance from regulators around the world prompts Facebook to 'rethink' its plan for its Libra digital currency, it is reported

5 months ago

Swiss President Says Facebook’s Libra Has ‘Failed’ In Current Form

Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency cannot be approved without changes, says president of Switzerland, where Libra Association has headquarters

7 months ago

Securities Coordinator Recommends Cautious Approach To Facebook’s Libra

Libra and other globally recognised stablecoins pose 'serious' risks but the right regulatory approach could allow their benefits to be…

9 months ago

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Faces Intense Scrutiny From Congress

Zuckerberg goes to Congress to answer questions about Libra, but is tackled about privacy, free speech and political ads

10 months ago

Facebook Considers Alternative Approaches To Libra

Project could use multiple coins pegged to national currencies rather than a single synthetic cryptocurrency, Facebook says, as regulatory pressure…

10 months ago

Facebook Announces Libra Board, Amid Departures

Dead man walking? Libra announces board, despite being rocked by pull out by five major payments providers

10 months ago

Financial Firms Quit Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Project

As Visa, Mastercard, eBay, Stripe and Mercado Pago exit the project Libra is left without the backing of a major…

10 months ago

PayPal Pulls Out Of Facebook’s Crytocurrency Plans

Online payments provider says it wants to focus on its own core business, as Libra cryptocurrency continues to draw fire…

10 months ago

Libra Cryptocurrency Launch ‘May Be Delayed’ Over Regulatory Concerns

Head of Libra Association says group's priority is to make sure regulators are 'fully on board' and emphasises currency's independence…

10 months ago

Facebook Meets With Global Regulators Over Libra Concerns

Twenty-six central banks to grill Facebook on plans for Libra cryptocurrency as concern mounts over potential threat to monetary stability

11 months ago

Facebook’s Libra Currency To Face Tough Swiss, US Scrutiny

The Switzerland-based Libra digital currency will face tough US and Swiss scrutiny, officials warn

11 months ago

ECB Warns Of ‘Beguiling’ Siren Call Of Facebook’s Libra

Libra cryptocurrency could undermine European Central Bank's ability to set monetary policy, and public trust in money itself, bank warns

11 months ago

Initial Backers Of Facebook’s Libra ‘Consider Pulling Out’

At least three of the Libra Association's initial partners said to be looking to distance themselves from the project amidst…

12 months ago

EU Regulator Asks Questions About Facebook’s Libra Currency – Report

Facebook's Libra questions from EU regulator concern use of customer data and anti-competitive issues

12 months ago

China Sovereign Digital Currency ‘Essentially Ready’

China is looking to issue a sovereign crypto-coin that could be used as an alternative to cash

12 months ago

UK Data Protection Watchdog Raises Facebook Libra Concern

Facebook's proposed digital currency faces calls for more information about how user data will be protected

1 year ago

Libra Cryptocurrency Scams Found On Facebook, Instagram

Facebook's own platforms found to be used in scams related to Libra cryptocurrency, adding to regulatory pressure over the controversial…

1 year ago

France To Approve First Cryptocurrency Firms Under New Rules

France is looking to attract initial coin offerings and other cryptocurrency-related organisations amidst controversy over Facebook's Libra

1 year ago

Facebook Promises Congress It Will Address Libra Cryptocurrency Concerns

Company's comments follow criticism of Libra by US Treasury Secretary and Chairman of Federal Reserve amidst broader scepticism and hostility

1 year ago

Fed Boss Calls On Facebook To Halt Libra Digital Currency

Not so fast Mark. Chief of US Federal Reserve calls on Facebook to halt its Libra digital currency plans

1 year ago

Banks Stay Away From Facebook’s Libra Over Regulatory Risk

Banks also cite their own competing payment projects and past failed digital wallets as reasons to be sceptical of Libra

1 year ago

European Banks, Regulators Prepare Strict Regulatory Response To Facebook’s Libra

Financial Conduct Authority calls for more information, while Bank of France warns of money-laundering risks

1 year ago

Bitcoin Jumps Over $11,000 After Facebook Libra Launch

Facebook's Libra plans help Bitcoin jump 10 percent to reach 15-month highs, as investors hope to see cryptocurrencies move into…

1 year ago

Online Banking Start-Up Accuses Facebook Of ‘Ripping Off’ Logo

The emblem for Facebook's new virtual currency subsidiary, Calibra, bears a striking similarity to one in use since 2016

1 year ago

Facebook To Face Senate Scrutiny Over Libra Digital Currency

Authorities react to Facebook's digital currency, as US Senate Banking Committee sets up to scrutinise it

1 year ago

Facebook Launches Libra Cryptocurrency For Global Payments

Digital asset aims to put financial transactions into the hands of millions without bank accounts, but with access to a…

1 year ago