Leo Apotheker

SAP’s Bill McDermott Steps Aside For Two Co-CEOs

McDermott steps down from enterprise software giant, as SAP immediately appoints two CEOs

2 years ago

Tales In Tech History: The Curious Case Of The HP TouchPad

What tablet lasted barely two months before it was pulled and consigned to the tech dustbin of history?

5 years ago

HP Begins Autonomy Lawsuit Settlement Talks – Report

Talks are reportedly underway to settle the lawsuit from HP shareholders over its troubled acquisition of Autonomy

8 years ago

HP Hit By Fresh Lawsuit Over Troubled Autonomy Deal

HP's headaches continue after it faces a fresh Autonomy lawsuit, and is accused of knowing it was a bad deal

9 years ago

HP Cuts Forecast As Whitman Warns On Turnaround

HP CEO Meg Whitman has warned that it will take four to five years to turn around the fortunes of…

9 years ago

Judge Dismisses Oracle Fraud Claim Against HP

A US judge has rejected a claim by Oracle that HP fraudulently concealed plans to hire Leo Apotheker as CEO

10 years ago

HP Execs Mull Retention Of PC Business

HP's board are now reportedly considering keeping its PC unit, rather than spinning it off or selling it

10 years ago

HP PC Fate To Be Decided This Month

CEO Meg Whitman reportedly will make a decision this month about HP's £26bn PC business

10 years ago

HP Filing Reveals Apotheker’s $10m Golden Handshake

Former HP CEO Leo Apotheker is to receive a staggering $13m (£8.4m) total severance package

10 years ago

Lord Alan Sugar Is Readers’ Fantasy HP CEO

Sugar beats Schmidt, Ballmer and Jobs in eWEEK readers' dreams. Next. do you trust open source?

10 years ago

Acer Looks To Exploit HP PC Uncertainty

An Acer executive has admitted the uncertainty surrounding HP is a great chance for it to steal customers

10 years ago

Whitman: Another Tragedy Or The Saviour Of HP?

After three successive tragic CEO appointments, HP is desperate to get things right this time. Eric Doyle looks at Meg…

10 years ago

New HP CEO Whitman Commits To Hardware

HP's new appointment promises to invest in PCs - but does she have the enterprise experience for the role?

10 years ago

HP Board Considers Dumping Apotheker

Hewlett-Packard shares went up on rumours that unpopular CEO could be for the chop

10 years ago

HP Management Accused Of Misleading Investors

A lawsuit is claiming HP execs misled investors prior to the decision to partly withdraw from the consumer market

10 years ago

Android Is Best For Business, Say Readers

Blackberry ties second with iPhone, in eWEEK poll. Next: tell us your Fantasy HP CEO

10 years ago

HP Without PCs Will Lose Face With SMBs

The death of HP's TouchPad has been chaotic, says Nicholas Kolakowski, but spinning off its PC business will hurt the…

10 years ago

HP’s Autonomy Buy Marks Decisive Software Shift

HP's acquisition of British software firm Autonomy indicates a redirection towards cloud and software services, says Chris Preimsberger

10 years ago

HP Drops webOS, Spins PC Business, Buys Autonomy

Against a dire financial backdrop, HP kills mobile unit, plots spinning-off its PCs and buys UK's Autonomy

10 years ago

HP’s webOS Ambitions Were Doomed To Fail

Hewlett-Packard is killing, or selling, its much-publicised webOS but a Gartner analyst said it never stood a chance, says Nicholas…

10 years ago

HP Sues Oracle Over Itanium Support

Oracle maintains Intel has plans to kill Itanium, while HP says Oracle wants to force users onto Sun Sparc servers

11 years ago

HP Shows Modest Profits As Tablet Competition Bites

HP has reported a sharp decline in its consumer PC sales as tablets and other competition hits home

11 years ago

HP’s Apotheker Reveals Roadmap Milestones Up Ahead

HP CEO says webOS is a legitimate alternative to Windows because it can run all devices across the spectrum

11 years ago

HP Chief Talks Up WebOS On The Desktop

HP CEO Leo Apotheker says public clouds, broad WebOS distribution and data analytics are HP's top priorities

11 years ago

Pay Packet Of HP Boss Revealed

HP boss Leo Apotheker has negotiated financial compensation package worth roughly £29 million

11 years ago

HP Gets Serious On Software

With its lifecycle manager, ALM 11, HP is starting a new push into the software industry under CEO Leo Apotheker

11 years ago

Oracle Using Private Investigators To Hunt Down HP’s Apotheker

Oracle has hired private investigators to track down Hewlett-Packard CEO Leo Apotheker, according to reports

11 years ago

HP Blocks Oracle Subpoena For Apotheker Trial Appearance

HP is refusing to allow its new CEO Leo Apotheker to testify in the Oracle/SAP trial, but all eyes will…

11 years ago

HP’s Board Labelled ‘Dysfunctional’ By Former GE CEO

The former boss of GE has labelled HP’s board as “dysfunctional” and added to the criticism over Mark Hurd’s resignation…

11 years ago

Why Did HP Pick Apotheker?

HP wants more software expertise, says Peter Judge, and choosing the former CEO of SAP could also send a strong…

11 years ago