UK Introduces Right To Repair, Others To Follow

Last week the government introduced ‘right to repair’ legislation in the United Kingdom, to tackle the long standing e-waste issue

5 months ago

Russia Bill To Force US Tech Firms To Open Local Offices

First servers, now offices. Lawmakers in Russia pass legislation requiring US tech giants to open local offices in the country

5 months ago

Foreign Firms Could Share Data Storage Costs Under Proposed Russian Law

The legislation would seek to force companies such as Google and Facebook to help pay the massive costs brought in…

3 years ago

New U.S. Cyber-Security Legislation May Help Reassert Fourth Amendment

New federal legislation could restrict the use of warrantless searches to seize personal data and communications stored on the nation's…

4 years ago

MEPs Ready To Fight For End-To-End Encryption Across EU

A European Parliament committee has called for end-to-end encryption to be enforced on all forms of digital communication

4 years ago

French Workers Can Legally Ignore After Work Emails

Under a law that takes effect this week, companies are obliged to negotiate with staff over out-of-hours emails

5 years ago

UK Data Surveillance Powers Declared Illegal By EU Court

The decision could create some major problems for the UK in a post-Brexit world

5 years ago

EU Approves Public Sector Digital Accessibility Rules

Public-sector websites and apps must be made accessible to those with disabilities under an EU directive agreed on Tuesday night

6 years ago

White House Refuses To Support Draft Encryption Bill

Obama refuses to enter debate surrounding controversial draft bill, that will require tech firms to help crack encryption

6 years ago

Draft Bill To Penalise Tech Firms For Refusing Encryption Order

US senators close to finalising draft bill that will penalise tech firms who refuse court orders over encrypted data

6 years ago

Driverless Cars ‘Could Actually Stop Crashes’

Institution of Mechanical Engineers report claims 95 percent of accidents are caused by human error

6 years ago

Threat-Sharing Cybersecurity Bill Gets Public Airing

Proposed law to allow American companies to share cybersecurity threats with government, without being sued

7 years ago

Chinese Watchdog Reveals Details Of Qualcomm Antitrust Probe

US chipmaker accused of abusing its dominant market position and could face up to $1bn in fines

8 years ago

Tim Berners-Lee Slams ‘Dangerous’ Snooping Law

The inventor of the web says plans to store data open highly sensitive information up to abuse

10 years ago

Nick Clegg Promises Safeguards In Web Surveillance Legislation

Deputy PM says surveillance plans will be open to debate but ensures safeguards over any monitored data

10 years ago

Home Secretary Defends Phone And Internet Surveillance Proposals

Theresa May claims tracking communications will help crack down on paedophiles and terrorists

10 years ago

MPs Threaten New Laws If Google Won’t Censor Searches

Cross-party committee tells government to consider legislation if Google does not develop filtering technology to preserve privacy

10 years ago

US Security Chief Calls EU 24-Hour Data Breach Notification Rule ‘Unworkable’

AT&T's chief privacy officer says the 24-hour deadline would force companies to notify all customers rather than just those affected

10 years ago

Megaupload Reveals The Need For User-Based Internet Legislation

Every cloud has a sinister lining or so the closure of MegaUpload and TV-Shack appears to indicate, writes Eric Doyle

10 years ago

OPEN: A Possible Replacement For The US SOPA/PIPA Laws

The Online Protection and Enforcement of Digital Trade (OPEN) Act is rising in popularity as an alternative to SOPA and…

10 years ago

EU’s Lawmakers Seek Enterprise Input On Data Laws

The European Commission has thrown open the debate on refinements to laws on reporting data breaches

10 years ago

BCS: IT Workers Need More Green IT Skills

The British Computer Society is offering new certifications to provide training in green IT skills

10 years ago