US Senate Chastises Apple Over ‘Abrupt’ Testimony U-Turn

US Senate criticises Apple for 'abruptly' ending negotiations to provide testimony at upcoming competition hearing with little over two weeks'…

1 week ago

Google Wins Over Oracle In Decade-Long Case

US Supreme Court hands victory to Google in decade-long spat with Oracle over search giant's use of Java SE API…

2 weeks ago

Lawyers In Huawei Extradition Case Argue Against US ‘Power Grab’

Extradition hearings for Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou enter final weeks as her lawyers argue against US imposing 'limitless…

2 weeks ago

Vodafone Ends Shareholder Tussle Over 2013 Kabel Acquisition

Seven year itch. British mobile operator to buy remaining shares in Kabel for £1.9 billion ($2.6 billion) to halt legal…

4 months ago

Epic Wins Unreal Ruling, But No Fornite Return To Apple App Store

US judge partially backs Epic and grants its injunction, preventing Apple from removing Unreal engine from Apple developer program

8 months ago

Post Office Knew Of Horizon IT Problems, But Still Pursued Postmasters – Report

Post Office reportedly knew problems with its Horizon system could be to blame for missing money, but still pursued prosecutions…

10 months ago

App Developer Calls For Open Revolt Against Apple

Developer of BlueMail publishes open letter calling on fellow app developers to join fight against Apple for allegedly “stealing ideas”

1 year ago

Twitter Demands AI Firm Cease Facial Image Collection

Privacy concern. Cease-and-desist letter from Twitter to AI firm Clearview demands it stop collecting photos from social media platforms

1 year ago

Publishers Sue Amazon’s Audible Over Speech-To Text Feature

Publishers say Audible's Captions feature, set to debut next month, violates copyright law by converting audiobooks to text

2 years ago

Adobe Warns Of Legal Issues From Use Of Older Photoshop Versions

Really? Adobe warns users of older versions of Photoshop they actual brought, that they could be sued

2 years ago

Elon Musk Settles With SEC Over Twitter Use

Musk muzzled? CEO agrees to have financial tweets and statements vetted by legal counsel first

2 years ago

Apple Surprises With Qualcomm Settlement

Billion dollar lawsuits around the world halted after Apple agrees to pay Qualcomm undisclosed sum

2 years ago

Qualcomm Accuses Apple Of Stealing Secret Tech

Apple allegedly shared Qualcomm technology with Intel in order to boost its rival chips so that it could ultimately drop…

3 years ago

New Australian Law Requires Tech Firms To Help Cops Crack Encryption

The newly proposed measures would levy fines of up to £6m for organisations that fail to comply

3 years ago

US Supreme Court To Hear Apple Appeal In App Store Monopoly Case

The lawsuit over excessive App Store developer fees could have a broad impact on e-commerce platforms such as those of…

3 years ago

Facebook Moves To Block Privacy Case From Reaching Top EU Court

A ruling by the European Court of Justice could disrupt transatlantic data transfers for thousands of companies

3 years ago

Senate Bill Proposes Prison Time For Failure To Report Data Breaches

ANALYSIS: The Senate Commerce Committee takes major role in investigating and creating data breach legislation and after Uber breach is…

3 years ago

Morrisons ‘Ultimately Responsible’ For Rogue Employee Leaking Payroll Data

Supermarket Morrisons could be forced to pay compensation after rogue employee posted salary details online

3 years ago

DOJ Shares Criminal Probe Evidence With Judge In Waymo vs. Uber Suit

ANALYSIS: In a surprise development, lawyers reveal evidence from ongoing criminal investigation of Uber to the judge in Waymo’s civil…

3 years ago

‘Hundreds’ Of Websites Track User Keystrokes

Is it legal? Hundreds of websites are said to be tracking visitor keystrokes raising questions of legality

3 years ago

Law Lessons: Facebook’s Spanish Fine Highlights Importance Of GDPR Readiness

ANALYSIS: Much of the conversation around GDPR has focused on the security implications for businesses, but what about privacy?

4 years ago

US Court: Police Must Obtain Warrant To Track Mobile Phones

A felony conviction in Washington DC has been thrown out over police's use of a mobile phone tracking device without…

4 years ago

Law Lessons: What EU GDPR & NIS Directive Mean For Your Business

James Castro-Edwards, Partner and Head of Data Protection Law at Wedlake Bell, gives a law lesson on the implications of…

4 years ago

US Government Seeks Information On Thousands Of Protest Website Visitors

Dreamhost said it plans to fight a search warrant demanding information on a protest site, including the IP addresses of…

4 years ago

Judge Tells LinkedIn It Cannot Stop Third Parties From Collecting Profile Data

LinkedIn must allow startup HiQ to collect data from public profiles in a case that tests how much control internet…

4 years ago

Tech Firms Back Apple In Ongoing Qualcomm Legal Battle

Blow for Qualcomm as industry group calls on regulators to side with Apple

4 years ago

Authorities Take Down Dark Web’s Biggest Criminal Marketplace

AlphaBay and Hansa were together responsible for the trading of hundreds of thousands of illegal commodities

4 years ago

European Court Of Justice May Rule On UK Surveillance Law

The legality of last year's Investigatory Powers Act may be referred to the European Court of Justice, following a challenge

4 years ago

Apple & Nokia Settle Patent Infringement Dispute

Apple agrees to pay Nokia for its intellectual property and the two firms will work together on digital health

4 years ago

Law Lessons: Real World Legal Issues In An Augmented Gaming World

Pay attention developers; Pramitha Krishnamurthyprakash, manager of Innovation Intelligence at CPA Global, discusses the legal issues behind AR games

4 years ago