US Supreme Court To Hear Facebook Shareholder Suit Appeal

US Supreme Court agrees to hear Facebook attempt to dismiss shareholder lawsuit over Cambridge Analytica data-sharing scandal

4 days ago

Google Will Not Face Jury In US Adtech Trial

Judge rules Google adtech competition case to be decided in non-jury trial after company pre-emptively pays government $2.3m

5 days ago

Prosecutors Say Lynch Behind Autonomy Fraud

Federal prosecutors argue former Autonomy chief Mike Lynch responsible for fraud, as case over disastrous HP acquisition nears end

2 weeks ago

Donald Trump Joins TikTok After Trying To Ban It

Former president Trump joins TikTok and posts first video, after trying to ban app from US as president in 2020…

2 weeks ago

Former FTX Executive Ryan Salame Sentenced To Seven Years

Former Bankman-Fried top lieutenant Ryan Salame given longer sentence than prosecutors had asked for over role in FTX collapse

2 weeks ago

TikTok Challenge To US Ban Law Gets September Hearing

Cases by TikTok, ByteDance, content creators get fast-track schedule as company faces forced sale or ban by 19 January

2 weeks ago

US Extends Probe Into Applied Materials Over Alleged China Shipments

Chip equipment maker Applied Materials receives new subpoena in ongoing probe into alleged sanctions-breaking shipments to China's SMIC

3 weeks ago

Google, DOJ Closing Arguments Clash Over Search ‘Monopoly’

Google clashes with US Justice Department in closing arguments as government argues Google used illegal tactics to maintain search monopoly

1 month ago

London Black Cabs Sue Uber In Latest Legal Tangle

More than 10,000 London black cab drivers sue Uber claiming company acted illegally to obtain licence and gain market share

1 month ago

Google Asks US Court To Dismiss Federal Adtech Case

Google asks Virginia federal court to dismiss case brought by US Justice Department and eight states over adtech dominance

2 months ago

UK Lawsuit Claims Grindr Shared HIV Status

Dating app Grindr sued over claims it shared sensitive user data, including HIV status, with third parties for advertising purposes

2 months ago

TikTok Says New US Ban Effort Would ‘Trample Free Speech’

US House of Representatives passes new bill combining TikTok measures with foreign aid, may face speedy Senate approval

2 months ago

X Loses Case Against Hate-Speech Nonprofit

X Corp case against nonprofit hate-speech researcher dismissed in California court, in blow to Elon Musk's legal threats against critics

3 months ago

Uber To Pay £149m In Settlement With Australian Taxi Drivers

Uber to pay £149m in settlement with Australian taxi drivers who alleged it used illegal tactics to establish itself in…

3 months ago

Norfolk County Council Wins $490m Payout From Apple

Apple agrees to $490m settlement of class-action lawsuit led by Norfolk County Council for allegedly misleading investors over slump in…

3 months ago

Nvidia Sued By Authors For Training AI With Copyrighted Works

Authors file class action against Nvidia for allegedly training its NeMo Megatron AI model using pirated books

3 months ago

Apple Reverses Course On Epic Games EU Ban

Apple restores Epic Games EU developer account one day after European Commission regulators question the ban, as new rules come…

3 months ago

Ex-Twitter Execs Sue Elon Musk Over Unpaid Severance

Former Twitter executives sue Elon Musk and X over $128m in unpaid severance, arguing Musk motivated by revenge

3 months ago

Apple Moves To Dismiss Lawsuit Over UK Developer Fees

Apple argues developer lawsuit 'unsustainable', as it faces multiple UK cases targeting App Store fees, battery slowdown

5 months ago

Crypto Firm Terraform Labs Files For Bankrupcy In US

Terraform Labs, company behind failed Luna and TerraUSD crypto tokens, files for bankruptcy as it faces legal charges in US…

5 months ago

Beijing Court Rules AI Artwork Can By Copyrighted

Beijing judge finds AI-generated artwork containing human intellectual input can be copyrighted in some cases, amidst explosion in AI tools

5 months ago

eBay Pays $3m Fine Over Harassment Campaign

E-commerce company eBay pays $3m fine after executives harassed Massachusetts couple, including posting them live insects and a funeral wreath

5 months ago

Judge Orders Google Not To Google Jurors In $7bn AI Patent Case

US federal judge orders Google not to use the 'vast' amounts of data on consumers to its benefit in jury…

5 months ago

Apple Begins Making Payments In iPhone Slowdown Case

Apple begins paying users under 2020 settlement that ended legal dispute over deliberately slowing older iPhone models

5 months ago

Google To Pay $700m To Consumers In US Antitrust Settlement

Google agrees to pay $700m to US consumers in antitrust settlement with users and states as Epic presses to 'open…

6 months ago

Apple To Pause Series 9, Ultra 2 Watch Sales In US

Apple prepares temporary halt to sales of Series 9, Ultra 2 watches starting this week amidst Masimo patent dispute

6 months ago

UK Mobile Giants ‘Overcharged Users’ £3.3bn, Lawsuit Claims

Class action lawsuit claims mobile companies' 'loyalty penalty' contracts have overcharged consumers billions since 2007

6 months ago

Online Safety Act May Require AI Facial Scans

Ofcom proposed guidance suggests users may be required to submit to facial scans to view pornography online

6 months ago

US DOJ Negotiates With Binance Over $4bn Settlement

US Justice Department reportedly in talks with Binance to conclude years-long criminal investigation with massive $4 billion fine

7 months ago

Epic And Google Go To Court Over App Store Fees

Epic Games takes Google to court with antitrust claims over Play Store fees, arguing company faces 'no meaningful competition'

7 months ago