legal issues

Shareholders Sue Twitter, Elon Musk For Stock ‘Manipulation’

Disgruntled shareholders are now suing both Twitter and Elon Musk, over volatile share price swings during the chaotic takeover attempt

1 month ago

Investor Sues Elon Musk Over Late Share Disclosure

Twitter shareholder sues Elon Musk for failing to disclose his substantial stake in a timely manner, which impacted platform's share…

2 months ago

Teenager Pleads Not Guilty To Organising Twitter Hack

Not me, gov'nor. Florida-based teenager pleads not guilty to masterminding major hack of Twitter's internal systems for bitcoin scam

2 years ago

Huawei Hits Verizon With Patent Lawsuit

Chinese firm Huawei Technologies alleges US carrier Verizon “profited greatly” from using its patents without authorisation

2 years ago

Huawei Drops Lawsuit Against US Over Seized Kit

United States decides to return Huawei equipment seized in Alaska in 2017, so Chinese firm drops lawsuit

3 years ago

Uber Pays £113m To Settle Hidden Data Breach

Ouch. The 2016 data breach at Uber which it kept quiet has cost $148m in US legal settlement payments

4 years ago

Revenge Porn Outlawed In England And Wales

Posting 'revenge porn' images and film online is to become a criminal offence and may result in a prison sentence

7 years ago

Apple’s Beats Electronics And Dr Dre Sued By Monster

Monster sues Apple's Beats Electronics, alleging “fraud, deceit and corporate betrayal” over headphone development

7 years ago

BlackBerry Users Sue Research In Motion

RIM is in the embarrassing position of being sued by its own customers for the recent service outage

11 years ago

Poor Email Handling Risks Legal Action, Study Warns

Poor email management by firms is risking legal consequences a majority of workers believe

11 years ago

Politician Is First Brit To Be Fined For Twitter Libel

Colin Elsbury has been ordered to pay damages and legal costs for a libellous tweet during a local by-election

11 years ago