Samsung Display Extends LCD Production In South Korea

Saved by Coronavirus? Production of LCD displays in South Korea now extended, thanks to lockdown demand for home entertainment

4 months ago

Samsung Display To Cease LCD Production By Year End

Confirmation that Samsung Display will end all production of liquid crystal display (LCD) panels in South Korea and China by…

1 year ago

Samsung Display Confirms Plans For $11 Billion Screen Investment

Despite a global oversupply of screens, Samsung confirm plans to plough huge investment into production of more advanced displays

2 years ago

Samsung Display To Invest $11 Billion In LCD Plant – Report

Huge investment is planned by Samsung to upgrade its display panel production facilities in South Korea

2 years ago

Samsung Display Mulls LCD Production Suspension Amid Oversupply

Panel maker considers suspending one liquid crystal display (LCD) production line amid oversupply

2 years ago

Tales In Tech History: Computer Monitors

Computer monitors began as small monochrome CRT displays but now come in all sorts of wonderful shapes, sizes and even…

4 years ago

Research Team Uses Water Vapour Planes For Interactive Display Screens

A Bristol University team has produced "touch-enabled" images that float in the air on a cloud of vapour

7 years ago

Samsung Posts Another Record Profit In Q3, Offloads LCD Venture

Samsung posts another record profit amid concerns about slowing smartphone sales

7 years ago

Inventor Awards Honours LCD Man With Lifetime Recognition

Martin Schadt was presented with the coveted Lifetime Achievement Award for LCD screen invention

8 years ago

Police Raid Samsung Offices Over LG Screen Probe

Samsung offices have been raided by police investigating the alleged theft of OLED screen technology

8 years ago

Samsung Buys Small Stake In Struggling Sharp

Samsung has purchased a small stake in Sharp, in a move that will ensure a steady supply of LCD panels

8 years ago

Toshiba Fined Over LCD Price-Fixing Charge

Toshiba has been fined £56 million after it was charged in the US with price-fixing liquid crystal displays

9 years ago

Samsung Offloads LCD Display Unit

Samsung has confirmed that its loss-making LCD division will be spun off as a wholly owned separate unit

9 years ago

Samsung Considers Merging LCD And OLED Businesses

Loss-making LCD division of Samsung Electronics could be spun off and merged with Samsung Mobile Display

9 years ago

LCD Price-Fixing Settlement Agreed For Hitachi, Samsung And Sharp

Display screen makers will pay up to $37 million in damage compensation to government bodies and the public

9 years ago

Sony And Samsung End LCD Panel Joint Venture

Samsung will become Sony's supplier as it acquires S-LCD, the two companies' panel manufacturing joint venture

9 years ago

Engineers Harvest Waste LCD Light To Charge Phones

Engineers in California have developed a method for converting wasted display light back to electricity

10 years ago

Dell Sues Asian Display Makers

Dell named Sharp, Hitachi, Toshiba, Seiko Epson and HannStar Display in a lawsuit filed in San Francisco on 12 March,…

11 years ago