Google To Invest $740 Million After Australia Clash

Clash that saw Google threaten to withdraw services from Australia altogether, to be settled with fresh investment in the country

3 weeks ago

President Biden Tightens Restrictions On Huawei, ZTE

Tightening the screw. US President Joe Biden signs legislation to stop Chinese firms from receiving new equipment licences from US…

4 weeks ago

Google Hands Over Data To Hong Kong Authorities – Report

Despite pledging to halt data transfers due to a repressive security law in Hong Kong, Google reportedly has handed over…

3 months ago

China Limits Kids To Three Hours Of Video Games A Week

Draconian move? Children in China now only allowed to play video games between 8 and 9pm on Friday, weekends and…

3 months ago

China Approves Far-Reaching Privacy Law

Beijing approves tough new rules about the collection and use of personal data, including stronger rules governing surveillance systems

4 months ago

Tech Giants Could Withdraw Services Over Hong Kong Doxxing Bill

China's bill that will clampdown on 'doxxing' in Hong Kong, could force Facebook, Google, Twitter and others tech giants to…

5 months ago

Indian Minister Accuses Twitter Of Non-Compliance

Twitter stand-off with Indian authorities continues as technology minister says firm deliberately failed to comply with new rules

6 months ago

US Proposal Would Ban Big Tech Firms From Buying Anything, Ever

Proposal by US Senator Josh Hawley would permanently ban companies over $100bn in market capitalisation from all mergers and acquisitions

8 months ago

India ‘To Propose Ban’ On Crypto-Currencies

India reportedly planning to criminalise trading and even holding crypto-assets, even as Bitcoin continues to set records

9 months ago

Australia Finalises Plan For Google, Facebook To Pay Publishers For News

Google and Facebook continue to object, but Australia presses ahead with new law to force them to pay publishers for…

12 months ago

US Bill To Clamp Down On End-To-End Encryption

US lawmakers intend to introduce bill in coming weeks that could clamp down on tech firms offering their users end-to-end…

2 years ago

China Law Requires Face Scans For Mobile Services

New law requires biometric identification for SIM card purchases, but detractors call the move 'dystopian' and say it could aid…

2 years ago

No Drunk Drone Driving, Warns Japan

Prison sentence on the cards for people who fly drones whilst drunk, after Japan passes new law

2 years ago

European Union Publishes Drone Usage Laws

No more wild west? More regulations for drone operators with set of common rules for the region

2 years ago

Government Proposes New IoT Security Laws

New law to ensure basic cyber security features would be implemented in all Internet-connected products

3 years ago

China ‘Delays’ Enforcement Of Data Law As Trade Talks Continue

Chinese regulators are reportedly looking to avoid a fresh confrontation with US companies amidst sensitive trade negotiations

3 years ago

Russian Telcos Consider Experimental Disconnection From Global Internet

The exercise would allow telcos to simulate how their networks would function if Russia were cut off from the worldwide…

3 years ago

Australia Passes Controversial Encryption Law

The day online privacy died, as Australia passes law to give police, security services access to encrypted messages

3 years ago

UK Government Pledges To Tackle “Wild West” Internet

After tech firms snub government meeting, UK culture secretary pledges legislation to rein in social networking firms

4 years ago

Proposal Gives EU Judges Power To Demand Data Across Borders

The 'e-evidence' law would force tech firms to hand over data within as little as six hours

4 years ago

US Customs Agents Now Need ‘Reasonable Suspicion’ To Copy Data

Officials at US border-crossing points such as airports now have new restrictions on when they can copy data from devices…

4 years ago

Google Appeal Claims EU Misstated Facts When It Imposed Massive Fine

In its appeals of a $2.9 billion fine, Google has claimed that the European Commission misstated the facts about the…

4 years ago

Microsoft Ends ‘Gag Order’ Lawsuit Against US Government

Microsoft said the US Department of Justice has changed its policy in the use of data search warrants accompanied gag…

4 years ago

ICO Hits Keurboom Communications With £400,000 For 100m Nuisance Calls

The Information Commissioner's Office is taking a hard-line against nuisance calls

5 years ago

Microsoft Lawsuit Claims Windows 10 Upgrade Wiped Data & Damaged PCs

The Redmond company is under fire for the way it drove Windows 10 upgrades

5 years ago

NHS Official Imprisoned For Accepting £80,000 Bribe To Award IT Contract

Peter Lewis faces three and a half years in prison for accepting corrupt payments

5 years ago

MPs Demand Action Against Ticket Tout Bots

Politicians want the Government to make it illegal for touts to use computer software to harvest tickets as soon as…

5 years ago

Data Protection Breach Cases Set To Soar With GDPR Introduction

Legal experts expect disputes related to privacy or data breaches to become much more common in the next five years

5 years ago

Panama Papers Leak Pinned On Server Breach

Did 2.6 TB worth of data come from the breach of Mossak Fonseca’s email server in 2015?

6 years ago

FBI Finds ‘Third Party’ Method Of Unlocking Terrorist’s Encrypted iPhone

Apple hearing suspended after government files motion claiming a third party method of getting into the San Bernardino's iPhone has…

6 years ago